Slugging along home

The last time I went to the grockery store, this critter hitched a ride. I had a spider on an earlier trip. No one discovered Sluggo. I went through the u-scan and didn’t interact up close and personal with anyone. That was a good thing because this time I forgot my mask and didn’t double back to get it. I was in a rush to get back to the moomin to join a work meeting. So, uh, I have literally TWO things on my list and I’m going through the u-scan so… In and out, chop chop chop.

We schlepped home to the Planet Ann Arbor today and I took that beauteous tie-dye Meijer bag to the Plum this afternoon and I don’t think Sluggo was still with me. I did wear a mask at Plum. I think my mouse and I were the only folks in there with masks on…

We had a beauteous drive down today although I can’t stop myself from doing “mileage marker math” when I’m driving that route. Number of miles to St. Ignace and then Gaylord. Number of miles from Gaylord to Grayling, Hoton Lake exit, and West Branch. And so on. Maybe you get my drift. I know the mile markers for most of the exits. Yes, I can be OCD. But. No traffic jams (southbound on a Saturday), weather was fine, etc. I SEEM TO BE OVER MY PANDEMIC-INDUCED DRIVING PHOBIA. Driving was FUN today, even tandem with the GG and the Lyme Lounge.

So we are home again and I’ve been gone for a month. We will head back up to the moominbeach in a while. It isn’t even August yet but alas, it’ll all be over too soon. Summer, I mean.

One Response to “Slugging along home”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Slugs are NOT my favorite critter! Ugh. Glad the drive went well, unlike my last trek to Seattle.