In a nano-second

Man and boy. Yesterday I was working on a functional specification for a work prodject. I was NOT happy with my progress on this document. Some prodjects are easier to spec than others. This one is like Scrambled Eggs, as my once colleague Lewie-Lewiiii once told me about a similar prodject I was working on that he had to QA test.

But we have to keep moving so I was doing the best I could, knowing I could always tweak it later. But. Then. At 1:46 PM yesterday afternoon, the gods conspired to make me fat-finger a few control key shortcuts and instead of whatever I was trying to do, I accidentally destroyed the document. It was unrecoverable. Don’t ask. I thought to myself it was probably a good thing that at that moment in time I was operating a laptop and not an automotive vee-hickle. Because if I had been driving a car, I’d probably be dead.

But. Okay. All of my diagrams and screenshots were saved (i.e., elsewhere than in the Word document I lost) and I just had to re-write. So I started in again… I did not finish it yesterday but by the end of the afternoon I had an epiphany about how to PROPERLY write this thing up and this morning I did just that in the couple hours before my team did an internal review. We don’t have all the issues sorted out yet but we know what they are and there will be a “soft” review with a larger audience tomorrow morning. I am ready.

I have run out of recent pics (and I can’t easily find the “Dark Brandon in my driveway pic”) so I’m stealing one from my mouse who was recently hiking in the yooperland near the Niagara Escarpment. This is NOT the escarpment but I think it’s in the area. The Great Lake State has interesting geology if you like and understand that kind of thing.

One Response to “In a nano-second”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds way too complicated for me. If that had happened to me, I would have cried first, then thrown the laptop through the window. JK, sorta.