Oh where oh where can the GG be?

I dunno. I *thought* he was going to the yooperland today. I also knew (but wasn’t thinking about it) that his ID twin and family were at Hoton Lake for the week.

I am not concerned about his whereabouts. I do know that when he left this morning he had his PHONE and BOTH of Mooon Yooonit’s key fobs. If he is at Hoton Lake, I know he is having a good time. If he is in the yooperland, I know he is having a good time. *I* am having a good time because I got a LOT of pesky work stuff done today, enough that “switching to glide” should be easy this week.

The Flote Bote is a lot of fun, especially when you drive it over to the tiki bar, which they probably didn’t do today because there were many children. Not that children aren’t welcome at the tiki bar, just that it’s a lot of kids to keep track of and maybe easier to have a beer or a bit of whine on the bote or at the cabin. Load the bote, sink or flote!

We can’t really have pontoon botes at the moominbeach. I mean, we could, but we have no way to dock them on the beach and you can’t really pull them up on the beach without an army. When I was a kid I *think* there were various attempts by neighbors to create docks along our beach but the big waves created by the northwest winds that hit our beach destroy them sooner or later, usually sooner. We use a system of rollers to beach our little motor botes, three- and four-seaters. The three-seater can be schlepped to the beach via human grunt labor. The four-seater has to go to the state park bote launch but once it is launched it can stay for the entire summer.

So if you wanted to have a pontoon bote at the moominbeach, you would have to dock it at a marina and drive over to launch it. And that would be on a good day. Gitchee Gumee kicks up PDQ so you don’t want to be out on the water when it does that. Small craft warning anyone? Houghton Lake can kick up a bit but in general you can have a dock there and it’ll be fine. Unless a tornado rolls through although to be fair I don’t think that did anything to our dock, just flipped the Flote Bote off its hoist. Good times.

Anyway, the GG has texted that he HAS arrived in the yooperland and Lizard Breath has landed safely at Daytwa Metro so all is good.

One Response to “Oh where oh where can the GG be?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I enjoy being out on the water but don’t like heavy duty waves or too much rocking to and fro. Seasickness is the pits.