Dark Brandon

Well, this pic is from 2017 so it was back during the early years of the Orange Bombasty and Dark Brandon wasn’t “born” yet.

It is interesting being married to someone who doesn’t share your political views but is an A-number-1 person in most other categories. I struggle with the Let’s Go Brandon t-shirt but I have to admit that a couple weeks ago I found myself alone with “Let’s Go Brandon” at the Up North laundromat and I made the hard decision to NOT leave it there. I mean surely some of the guys (or gals) working on the New Lock (and do their laundry there) are probably MAGAts and would have gladly absconded with it. But I dutifully put it in the laundry basket and took it home. I’d like to report that I also folded it but I didn’t fold ANYTHING that day. I knew that if I took time to fold the laundry, I would be late to the 10:00 standup. Dry laundry can wait to be folded.

I dunno what Dark Brandon was doing with the Ninja in the pic but there it is, as well as the Mean Green Frog-hoppin’ Musheen. Both of those vee-hickles were replaced in the next few years by Cygnus and Mooon Yooonit. As much as I love Cygnus, I still miss the Ninja. Among her general loveliness in all ways, her pop the trunk feature was great for doing pandemic curbside pickup. Cygnus does EVERYTHING ON EARTH including some things I don’t WANT her to do but she does not do pop the trunk. I don’t think… I owned the POC for umpteen bazillion years before I figgered out it could do pop the trunk. Or maybe that was the Exxon Tanker Valdez…

It took me a while and a concerted effort to find the Dark Brandon pic, even though various “memory” app features have “suggested” it to me recently. Alas, I didn’t save it when that happened. I have now TAGGED it with the GG’s name and “laser” and “Dark Brandon”. I’d rather Dark Brandon be at the helm for the next four year term than any of the alternatives.

Onward into our country’s uncertain political future.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My Subaru has all kinds of features too but not the automatic back door lift which I assumed it had because of all the other gadgetry. You know what they say about ASS-U-ME.