I dunno exactly what this vee-hickle is but it apparently goes on water. It is parked next to Gitchee Gumee.

I spent the day tinking around with various household tasks. Laundry, a few grocks, sorting toiletries out, running Rooooomba, dusting various things, cleaning the bathroom, I dunno what else. I did not go to the farmers market this morning but I did make it to the corn cart over by Ahmo’s and the liqwire store. I got corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and a cuke. Not as comprehensive as the farmers market but a pretty cool selection of veggies.

I finished my chores in the early afternoon and spent some time reading and enjoying my back yard. Tom Lake is my current book. Set mainly in the Great Lake State and I am enjoying it.

In the late afternoon the beach urchins brought takeout food from Harissa and we sat in the back yard to eat that.

G’night, KW.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We’re talking about that book for BC; would it be a good discussion one? That’s a crazy looking vehicle!