Boomerang Woman

Maybe that’s overstating the case since I was down on the Planet Ann Arbor for two whole weeks. But here I am back at the moominbeach. Not exactly planned. I mean I had planned to return in another week but part of me just kind of went what-the-hell? The GG is here and I’m sick and taaaarrred of cooking for one person. Although he won’t be with me the entire time I’m here. So I’ll still be cooking for one person.

So I spent a LOVERLY S-L-O-W day yesterday getting ready to travel back north. So often I just blast back and forth willy-nilly. Leaving things MOSTLY cleaned up and usually forgetting something. Last time I actually forgot WHINE! Can you believe it? Good thing we are only a 20 minute drive from civilization, although it looks like we are totally in the boonies. I did forget a couple things this time. Lemons and some onions. They are in my fridge and if the beach urchins need/want them, they are more than welcome to abscond with them. But yesterday I made slow but relentless progress on cleaning and packing and was able to spend the afternoon reading and the evening with the beach urchins.

Driving NORTH on a Sunday is a nice calm drive. Driving SOUTH not so much. I was northbound and was a bit annoyed when I got to the Big Mac tollbooths because they had a couple northbound lanes closed and I had to wait a bit to get through that. I have a commuter pass that allows me to sail right through without stopping but I had to jockey around in traffic and go through a regular lane. After I got through the toll, I remembered why they had northbound lanes closed. Because it is Sunday and southbound travelers were backed up for about a mile. So they needed more southbound lanes open. I think. The yooperland is getting too popular is all I have to say.

Anyway, I am here and it is not all that warm here because a pretty decent northwest wind is coming onto the beach. And an interesting but unfamiliar dog came to visit the moomincabin while I was unpacking Cygnus. I’m not sure its owners know that these days it is polite to leash your dog at all times on the beach. Not so much when I was a kid but times have changed, at least for dogs and their owners at the moominbeach. The dog was docile around me and I was not afraid of it but dog-related trauma is real for those who have it.

One Response to “Boomerang Woman”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like dogs–but the more I read about attacks, the more cautious I am around strange ones. I remember going places in a very short amount of time that now take twice that time. Stupid traffic!