Outhouses… or not… at least not tonight

I was thinking about outhouses today and kinda wanted to write outhouse stories but two-factor authentication aka scrambled eggs overrode that to the point that I do not have the chops to write about outhouses today. You don’t really want to know why two-factor authentication overrode my thoughts. Also we had happy hour guests. That was fun but not conducive to blahg post writing.

So I checked my phone twice in the early morning hours. To get the time. Or maybe more than twice. But two times I received notifications from various sources. The first time was from some news source to tell me the Orange Baboon had been indicted for the fourth time. Quadruply indicted as various tweet/X-ers were wont to say. Oh, ho-hum. The uber weasel is gonna weasel outta all of these things. And that’s giving a bad name to the weasel members of the mustelid family. The baboon members of the Cercopithecidae family are who they are and from what I’ve heard about them (from someone who lived amongst them in Africa), they are much like their orange member. Tromping around stealing food and other plunder from wherever they can find it and generally making a mess and creating havoc.

The second notification I got was MySubaru declaring my credit card had expired. I am uber-confused about this. I THINK I got this notification a few months ago? And fixed the problem. But when I went out to check on it, yes, the credit card expired this month. So I fixed the problem. Again… At least they didn’t say it was declined, which it was but for a reason. Words matter.

At least I didn’t wake up to 28 text messages about guns and pickles.

3 Responses to “Outhouses… or not… at least not tonight”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m terrified that you’re right and that he will somehow weasel out of all of this. He still has an embarrassing amount of support. He really could kill people (or a bunch of people) in plain sight and get away with it.

  2. jane Says:

    Re: outhouses – you have one next door for use at any time! And I am hoping the TP is properly stocked there as it should be.

  3. Pam J. Says:

    The only hope I have that the weasel/baboon will suffer is that he’s probably suffering a bit now, and if (praying hands) any of these charges ever go to trial, he’ll be trapped at a defense table (a la OJ Simpson) for weeks or months. Never allowed to say anything, forced to sit still without his precious Diet Coke and listen to witnesses attack him while some black person (Fani Willis, Alvin Bragg) or some hated white person (Jack Smith) rips him to shreds. But what we do about the 70 million or so Americans who support him, either openly or silently, I have no hope. Man has he gotten into my head in a bad way. Trump Derangement Syndrome? Yeah, it’s real and I have it.