Outhouse Guy

Okay, it’s unfair to call him Outhouse Guy. I’m trying to think if we were still using the outhouse when he first started coming up here with me. Or had The Commander already done indoor plumbing? I mean besides cold water in the kitchen sink via a garden hose from my uncle’s pump. To wash dishes, you had to heat big pots of water on the stove, which was at least electric.

I knew the writing was on the wall to replace the outhouse when I acquired a sister-in-law but the exact timeline is lost to me at least for the moment. I know the GG wouldda been happy to use an outhouse. I was still pretty happy when The Comm decided a Flushy Indoor Terlet was a good idea at the moomincabin. If anything, I no longer had to deal with the werewolves and vampires who frequented the outhouse when I was a young teenager. Or the spitfire (whatever that was) I had to dodge when I was younger. Our outhouse was a pretty long way out there and my parents were too cheap to install a LIGHT on it (or a DOOR but that’d be a whole ‘nother story) so I had to run with a FLASHLIGHT!

So although he is a champion outhouse user, not to mention woodsP or urbanP or backyardP or whereverP, in this pic, he is shooting a BB gun at old paint cans which he has hung in the vicinity of our old outhouse.

So yesterday, the GG went “out in the county”. I didn’t ask where he was going. For some reason I thought he might be going south? Not. He was gone for HOURS (that was okay, I was working) and it turned out he went to Paradise (that’s a town in the yooperland) and then went inland to look for the Dogman’s old cabin. The Dogman was uncle to one of our cFam nieces.

The GG found the Dogman’s cabin and I’m glad I didn’t go with him because it involved “seasonal” roads and that means they are one-lane dirt roads and often have big water holes on them. I do not like that kind of driving. I was also working BTW.

TODAY!!! My facebook friend Mushie posted a link to a forest faaaar in the area the GG was driving yesterday. Apparently it is not a Maui-type event. It has been contained and no homes were in danger. That’s probably because homes are few and far between in that area anyway.

Praying in my own godless way for Maui residents. Natural disasters happen. They have happened throughout history and they will happen for whatever future human kind has. We could have a forest faaar here and lose everything. I can do what I can to help the Maui folks (money is probably the best bet) and I can pray in my own godless way. But really, shit happens and homo sapiens just needs to keep crawling on.

One Response to “Outhouse Guy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It does sound like aspects of the Maui situation were mis-managed, thus leading to the catastrophic fire and loss of life and property. I don’t mind outhouses but much prefer a flushing toilet in a bathroom with a light and a door. 🙂