A beach day

This beach day began with heavy rain. I’m not sure what time it started. I think it was a while before sunrise. So HEAVY rain for most of the morning. Looking out the front door of the moomin, here is Cygnus. She needed a bath anyway.

Looking toward the back (this is NOT a large cabin), here is where the water spills out of the gutters.

Both the beach umbrellas tipped over during the course of the day. The red one was over by the time I got up (7-ish because I was enjoying the rain) and I’m not sure how it flipped because there was no wind at that time of day. I left the white one up, thinking it could dry out but at around noon the wind kicked up and eventually it flipped the white one AND TURNED IT INSIDE OUT. All is well with the umbrellas now. I should’ve taken them down last evening. My bad.

So yes, the wind kicked up around noon. It is a NORTHWEST wind. NORTHWEST NORTHWEST NORTHWEST! Not north.

20 mph winds but it’s not dangerous to swim in these waves on the moominbeach because it is shallow and there are sandbars and no undertow. We who have grown up here actually love to swim on days like this, diving into waves and body-surfing a bit. Nevertheless I do not swim solo on days like this. When I was a teenager and young adult, we still did not have indoor plumbing and I bathed in the lake EVERY DAY, even on chilly, windy days like this. Even then, I always asked The Commander to “lifeguard” on those kinds of days and she accommodated my requests without hesitation. Solo swimming wasn’t the only reason I didn’t swim today. It was not all that warm and I wore my Smartwool leggings when I went to the beach after work.

And now it’s raining again 😵‍💫

One Response to “A beach day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    94 here and I would prefer a bit of rain. I’m looking forward to the 70s tomorrow.