Big Butt

My parents were rattling around out west somewhere (as they did after they retired from gainful employment) and my dad used to collect mugs. Oh boy did he collect mugs. I think The Commander was into it at first but eventually (after dad died) she had some difficulty about weeding out the mugs. My dad called this mug Big Butt.

We got rid of some mugs but we did keep a few. Big Butt of course made the cut. Since The Commander died, Big Butt is the mug the GG serves me coffee in every morning we are at the moomincabin. I am a medium sized person and I don’t have a big butt but I LOVE this mug.

This morning I MADE MY OWN COFFEE! I ground some beans that were sitting in the fancy Oxo grinder that Amazon sent me TWO of during the early days of the pandemic. I ordered ONE for the GG’s 2020 birthday and we received two. At that time Amazon didn’t really want the hassle of returns so we were able to keep the two and one of them has been at the moomincabin since then.

Back on March 13, 2020, which was my first day of what turned out to be permanent telecommuting, my loverly husband the GG served me coffee. When I used to go into the office, including just the day before, I did not make coffee at home. If I needed coffee, I got it from the office kitchen. Otherwise I didn’t drink it except for Wednesday at Barry’s.

I dunno why but probably the GG was concerned about my abrupt change in workplace status (and covid of course), he schlepped coffee to me on the Green Couch EVERY day. I ran with it and began to call him Coffee Boy. It has continued until today! Today! This morning, I made a pot of coffee on my own. I served a cuppa or two in my own personal Big Butt mug. It’s not like I have never before made coffee. It’s a weird pandemic thing that maybe I’m finally over?

I went to bed with 20 mph winds last night and I could hear them all night. I wasn’t freaked out at all. It was just life at the moominbeach as usual and I slept well. The wind is finally calming down now.

G’night, KW

One Response to “Big Butt”

  1. Margaret Says:

    John makes me drip coffee when I’m at his house but when he’s at my place, I make my mocha and he makes his own drip coffee. I’m terrible at making drip since I don’t do it often. It’s either too weak or it’s strong enough to grow hair on your chest.