Mini Blue Jay irruption and more

A weekend day. I made my own coffee (again, yes I knooooow) and took my time heading in to town. Grocks and dumping the recycle were my chores. After that I took a slow drive through parts of town, along the locks/waterfront, up Ashmun, angling off to the right on the way up Ashmun hill to do a Dillon house drive-by. Looks a little shabby but maybe(?) someone is living there. There was a shovel along the portico and twinkle lights strung up but the curtains were all closed… But people do shut curtains… I guess I could look on Zillow.

I do not miss the Dillon house all that much. It was not my childhood house. That was on the South Side down on Superior Street. My grandparents lived in the Dillon house when they needed a one-story house. They bought it from my piano teacher and her husband, our high school band director. My parents sorta inherited it from my grandparents. Still, I spent a lot of time at the Dillon house in my adult years and it’s the only house the beach urchins knew my parents to live in… Except for the moomincabin of course. Our Quick Green Lizard figured out PDQ (like three years old) that the Dillon house was Grandma’s Other House, the Real House, Where She Lives Some of the Days. Kids are so smart!

We are not hoarders and the moomincabin is relatively clean and comfortable but it needs some attention. I won’t go into that in detail but I did take a gander around today to figure out what bookshelves we HAVE here and think about what we need (we need to rejigger books). In the garatchkey, we do have some bookshelves, some emptier than others and I have my eye on one of them.

We also have license plates from my parents’ automotive vee-hickles since apparently the 1960s. I remember when we changed from Water Wonderland to Water-Winter Wonderland. I was a kid then and I loved it but I lost track after that. This display is the GG’s work.

I was on the deck and all of a sudden there were like three or four Blue Jays flying all around the yard. I dunno if that qualifies as an irruption (probably not but I love the word). I couldn’t get a pic of any of them. Too fast. I have chipmunks and baby (?) squirrels all over the place. They scurry up onto the deck. I am certainly not afraid of them but I am barefoot and do not want to be bitten. Thumping one of my big homo sapiens feet on the deck scares them off. The MOE-skee-TOE is a wee bit harder to deter. There’s only ONE but it is persistent. But I’ll get it eventually.

P.S. I just got it!

2 Responses to “Mini Blue Jay irruption and more”

  1. Jay Says:

    The 1976 plates were one of my favorites. And I am happy they have resurrected the Water-Winter-Wonderland motto.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Our boring license plates “Evergreen State.” I like yours better. Mosquitoes are pesky critters.