Pluggin’ along

Well, that weekend went FAST!!!

I have scoped out (sorta) what to do with the bazillion books here. Oh NO, I am not getting rid of them. This is really not blahggable but here goes anyway ’cause it sticks in my dern craw, so possible lurker(s) be damned. After The Commander died, a relative kept throwing hissy fits about getting rid of the books in the moomincabin. This was odd to me because I had NEVER SAID I intended to get rid of any books and had made no move to do so. In fact my memory is of *encouraging* that person to identify books they thought were important.

After a while it clicked in that it MAY have been the old “Red Books” — little Great Lakes shipping annuals. Well… It was THE COMMANDER who got rid of those, not me. She donated them to the local historical society. She did not consult me. If she had, I might’ve discouraged her (not because of that person). But she did not NEED to consult me. She OWNED them. And was of sound mind! And our local historical society is WONDERFUL. I once commented on pics they posted of the old bank my dad and granddad worked at. I was a very young child when the pics were taken but I remember that old bank building and also remember when they moved the bank up the street. I got a VERY KIND response about my dad’s help when the director was applying for a mortgage. Dad (and his dad) were well respected local bankers and I miss them.

Okay, rant over. I don’t think people care that much about bedsheets but I have been reluctant to get rid of ANYTHING for the last however many years it’s been. I worked on sorting those out today and I think I have a tentative strategy for getting rid of some of them. I focused on the double bed sheets. It’s the biggest bed we have here. We have 4-5 matching sets (top and fitted sheet) and many miscellaneous sheets without matches. (We won’t talk about the mile-high stack of mostly random pillow cases.) I’m inclined to get rid of the singletons and keep the others for now. Eventually they will all go BECAUSE… The double bed has the worst mattress on earth and we are on the verge of replacing it. When we do, we will need new sheets because the ancient fitted sheets will not fit on the new mattress. Don’t ask me how I know this 🤣

I envision buying three sheet sets. That should allow people to take used sheets home to the Planet while leaving clean sheets here at the moomin. Me? I will continue to sleep in my uber comfy sleeping bag.

I should clarify that I actually don’t have trouble sleeping on the awful mattress. But that’s me. I can sleep just about anywhere as long as there isn’t bright light, loud music, or dog poop in the vicinity (or radio noise but that’d be a whole ‘nother story). But the beach urchins think it’s awful and I know they are right so I am MORE THAN HAPPY to let them drive this. Not to mention that they have friends who are MUCH taller than me and the GG so it must be a horrible place for them to sleep.

Anyway, I am back to moominCubelandia tomorrow. Plus laundry and a few grocks.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate the sound of a radio playing when I’m trying to sleep whereas John likes to have Alexa play soft music for 20 minutes or so while falling asleep. Ugh. Luckily, we only sleep together a couple nights a week. TMI?