They’re back. Sorta. I potted these flowers Memorial Day weekend. We were here about 10 days, then the GG went west and I took a dive down below the bridge to Trollandia. The GG did a moomincabin drive by sometime before 4th of July weekend on his own way to Trollandia. The flowers were thriving then. By the time we arrived here FOR 4th of July weekend, they were decimated. Heinrich (snowshoe hare) or deer? I do not know. I don’t *think* they are on the pine marten’s menu.

Oh, there were a few flowers in one pot but I wrote them off and didn’t bother to try watering them or anything. It is now something like six weeks later and all of a sudden they seem to be reviving a bit. I’m still not going to try any heroics here. I’m kinda done with flowers for the year. My Planet Ann Arbor impatiens didn’t do quiiiite as well as they usually do but they were okay the last I looked. But we’re heading toward the end of August and I kinda give up bothering with them at this time of year. A gardener I am not.

It was a chilly day but I am glad I hightailed it back up here when I did because the SE Great Lake State is heating up big-time. I don’t think we’ll quite beat Arizona but I saw heat indexes of 105 predicted. No thanks. I woke up somewhere around 1:00 AM to thunder and lightning but nothing severe and it only served to send me back into blissful slumber. Stormed again when it was time to get up for the day and then again when I met with MMCB2 for virtual coffee. I was on the moomindeck and it was so wet I had to decamp to my childhood moomincabin bedroom.

Although I think MMCB will continue to meet virtually for the foreseeable future, I am hopeful for a warm enough day in September that we can meet in person AT Barry’s. There is outdoor seating. I know that Barry’s has undergone a MUCH needed renovation and I’d love to see it. Of course, I could always go over there and get takeout coffee. And a tuna bagel. I miss those.

The title? Meaningless🤣

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I feel like I’ve been eating/coffee dating too much inside and am going to get burned; Covid seems rampant right now–which only terrifies me because of preemie grandson and other grandsons plus my mom. Remember when we thought it would go away in a couple weeks? Ack. Those heat indexes would be unbearable.