Island trip

It felt a bit late to head out to the island (a half mile away) but I decided I would join the GG for a wee bote trip. The seagulls seem to be gone. There are some cormorants around. Not sure if/when they migrate.

Late July/early August can be difficult to walk the beach because many young (and sometimes old) seagulls for whatever reason are not able to fly their migration and die on the beach or maybe die elsewhere and wash up on the beach. The worst is when a seagull is sick or injured and we have to watch it slowly die on our shore. One year there was a particularly awful situation where a young seagull was initially able to fly a bit but couldn’t get very far. It deteriorated until it could barely move and eventually there was just a wee bit of ragged breathing whenever I walked by.

My brother was coming up and when he arrived, I asked him to take a walk with me down the beach. With his gun. I am not anti-gun but I do not shoot them but I wanted to put this seagull out of its misery. Wouldn’t you know by the time we got down there, it was already dead. Such is life…

So our evening bote trip was loverly but I am hitting a wall so I think I will shut this thing down for the night. Maybe I’ll watch an ep of my latest series (The Last Empire) or maybe I’ll just hit the hay.

G’night, KW.

One Response to “Island trip”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s awful about the seagulls. I’m sad when I see a dead animal but distraught when it’s still alive but suffering.