Suzy Homemaker and storms

The moomincabin is pretty much a disaster these days. It might not look like that to visitors. It probably looks like a CABIN. To me it looks like a super cluttered up cabin. I cannot CLEAN when I have to move umpteen bazillion things.

The GG aka Suzy Homemaker did a lot of cleaning today. He scrubbed the gas grill within an inch of its life and refilled the propane tank. Hey we are having Fin Fam Steak Dinner on Sunday so we need to be ready. And then he washed windows! Yay! He was angling to use dish cloths until I pointed him toward the micro fiber cloths in the bedroom. Yes yes yes.

At the end of the afternoon a potentially scary storm bore down on us. Bow echo or comma or whatever. We sat on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bench to watch it for a while. It was beautiful but when it started to rain we decamped to the moomindeck. We never got any severe weather here. There was heavy rain for about ten minutes and then it all moved east. Not exactly a plassover.

We have missed a lot of severe weather down on the Planet Ann Arbor. Tornadoes and other crazy winds Apparently our house is okay and since our neighbors don’t seem to have lost power, I’m guessing we haven’t either. We’re kinda sorry we missed all of that but we also kinda happy we did.

One Response to “Suzy Homemaker and storms”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve been hearing the scary stuff about the weather there–glad it didn’t hit you where you are and happy your house is OK. I can handle mess/clutter for a little while and then suddenly I lose my mind over it. I must have a set point!