Nowadays we don’t depend upon local TV or radio stations at the moomincabin. For radio we normally listen to an NPR station that originates from Central Michigan University but has satellite stations all over the place including Sault Ste Siberia. Television? We have not had a television here for many years.

We had no TV at the moomincabin until I was a teenager when we had a teensy tinesy little Zenith black and white model. Like other TVs around that era around here it picked up two channels, TV 9 and 10 and channel 2, which was Canuckian.

Many in my family watched the moon landing back in 1969 on our little TV. I was a teenager then and watched it at the Piedy cabin with other beach teenagers. I was sick with a fever and sore throat that night and that is mostly what I remember about that. It wasn’t COVID…

CKLW was a Windsor Ontario radio station that all the cool kids like the GG listened to when they were teenagers in the Detroit area. Once in a blue moon, when the weather was just right, us teenagers here on the moominbeach could pick it up.

When we finally got cable TV, I came home from junior high one day and my brother said LOOK AT THE TV. Yes. We had more than two channels! I spent my high school years doing homework to Lost in Space reruns.

And then there was Bill Kennedy at the Movies. That was on the Detroit channel WKBD and I used to watch it with my dad sometimes.

Nowadays we have gone back to no TV here at the moomincabin. But we certainly use screens. We use iPhones constantly and when I am working here I am on my work laptop and right now I am blahgging on my personal laptop. I watch TV series on my phone (apparently series is plural for series…). And there is the GG using his big old Mac.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s hard not to have connectivity. A couple times camping we haven’t and although I should relish that unconnected time, I worry about my mom, my kids, my grandkids, etc.