Inching along

See that empty bottom shelf? Man oh man. After The Commander died, I moved her cookbooks to that bottom shelf. I can’t remember exactly why. They had been in the living room for many years. I can only think it had something to do with combining the cookbooks at the Dillon house (which we were selling) with the moomincabin cookbooks. And we certainly weren’t selling the moomincabin.

This “solution” didn’t really work out all that well because it left very little space to store non-perishable grocks. I won’t go too much into all of this. When it’s the beginning of the summer and just the GG and I are around, we don’t need a lot of storage space but when daughters and nieces and cousins and partners and friends arrive, it gets a little crowded in the kitchen.

Yesterday and today, I moved all of the cookbooks BACK into the living room where they belong. They are easily accessible there and now there is more space on the kitchen shelves although it is still a mess there.

Some of the Old Cabin cousin-neighbors returned today so we made FinFam Steak Dinner for them. They drove from the American east coast through Canananada and stayed in North Bay last night. When I was three years old, I stayed in North Bay when my fam took what we called The Long Trip. I was ENTRANCED by the fact that the bathroom in our little roadside motel had PINK fixtures. Many years later, I learned that The Commander was LESS THAN ENTRANCED by the SPIDER in the bathtub. She was not a spider fan.

That was a fun trip. We had tea with the Halliday sisters (FinFam relatives) in Toronto, visited Niagara Falls, and then our Sherman friends in that vicinity. I have been told that when I spied the Sherman kids, I got all excited and yelled “kids”! Doesn’t exactly sound like shy me but photooos show me having a good time and we later became good friends when their family visited us at the moominbeach, parking their VW bus and camper in our yard during various summers.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Pink fixtures would be fun to a youngster. When Patt and I were looking to move out of our small house, we toured a house that had a pink kitchen. He loved the back yard and shop/shed, but I said a firm NO WAY! I definitely need to organize some cabinets and shelves. Not bored enough yet although I probably will be in a few days.