Teach your parents well

During our touchpoint meeting this morning, my two Indian-American co-workers were talking about their daughters who I *think* are both sophomores at Moo-U. One of them has moved into an apartment and I’m not sure where the other is living but the apartment kid has been giving her LOVERLY dad some crapola. Like last week, Dad you need to help me move NOW. If you cannot help me move NOW, I will be gone. In other words, be there or be square. So he left for the afternoon. He was laughing today that his daughter couldn’t wait for him to GO HOME after he dropped her off (despite the fact that she wanted his help)!

I remember when he took a half day off to accompany his daughter to kindergarten. I was a new employee at that time and my older kid was living and working in San Francisco while my younger kid was doing study abroad in Dakar.

Been there done that, in other words. I remember the days when I drove to Kalamazoo to do whatever with my kids. Drop them off at college. Pick them up. Take them out to eat. The Crow’s Nest was a fave. Watch them in plays. Drop off gifts and other stuff. I dunno. I told these Indian dads how much I missed driving over to Kalamazoo College to visit my kids there. Our co-worker Dana chimed in about visiting her children in college. She said to enjoy these times and I so agree.

One Response to “Teach your parents well”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember those days too, mostly fondly. I visited several cities, ate great food and helped furnish various dorm rooms and apartments. However, if either daughter had spoken to me that way, they would have gotten a definite “teacher” look, complete with raised eyebrows.