Where is Idalia gonna land? I do not know. But a word leaped out at us from the radio today. Steinhatchee. It’s in the Big Bend area of Florida. We spent a night in Steinhatchee. In 2017. Way before the pandemic. I had no clue we were in the Big Bend area at the time. I had never heard of the Big Bend until today although when you look at a map of Florida, it’s pretty obvious that there is a Big Bend.

On that trip we kinda wanted to do a bit of mosey-ing down to and through Fla to get to our cool retro motel on the gulf coast. We asked friends of ours who are better moseyers than us for Fla gulf coast recommendations. In the end, we didn’t really do very well with the moseying. Before we even started the trip the GG was like dooya wanna go visit your cousin in Arkansas? Um. I love my cousin but isn’t that a few states over to the west from where we are going? And then the first day we drove something like 600 miles before we landed in northern Alabama.

That was fine and pretty much planned but… Not without stuff like “Hey, there’s a sign for a distillery. Wanna stop?” Um no. This was in Tennessee and we had no clue how far off the freeway the distillery was or if it was even OPEN. If you are in southern Tennessee and you have been on the road since Michigan, it is probably time to skip the distillery and make a HARD stop. So we did. In northern Alabama on a strip mall type highway. The hotel was pretty okay but it was NOT a pleasant walk the mile to the wings place. I was actually the one with a craving for wings. Go figger.

Anyway, after spending the next night in Panama City Beach where our first attempt to get to the BEACH was blocked by police who were investigating a shooting, we landed in Steinhatchee, which WAS a recommendation from our friends and we enjoyed it. But so much for the moseying. Some people just can’t settle down. After that we pretty much bee-lined down the road, over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge into Bradenton and out to Long Boat Key. Can I siddown now?

This is one way botes are stored in Steinhatchee and probably other places in Fla. I dunno if Idalia will actually hit Steinhatchee but hopefully those botes are currently stowed somewhere a little bit safer. BTW: stein is pronounced steen and hatchee means river.

One Response to “Landfall?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yeah, those boats don’t look safe like that, even with bad weather coming in. My husband loved those random stops and sometimes they worked out well. Other times, everyone ended up tired and crabby.