Penultimate patriot

So this patriot or whatever he is took our adult daughter out on a North Country Trail hike today. I did not accompany them. I worked on organizing and packing stuff we will have to schlep down to The Planet Ann Arbor in a couple days.

I do not leave ANY kind of food, perishable or not, over the winter here. It was easier when my parents were still around. They could close the moomincabin whenever they wanted to. They just had to haul stuff to their house in town. If they didn’t get eveything into town all at once, they could drive back out to the moomin, pick up their stuff, visit Radical Betty, and whatever.

We can’t do that. We have to haul whatever down to the Planet Ann Arbor and not come back. I spent today doing penultimate stuff. I have two bags of non-perishable food in Cygnus already. I took some last-minute recycling into town and made a mini-trip to Meijer and dropped off a Green Bag. I got rid of a bunch of condiments, etc. I mean, what is the point of schlepping a tablespoon of pickle relish down home. So I emptied that jar (and some other things) and washed out the jars… So there is more recycling (there is ALWAYS more recycling) but it’ll get dumped into my Planet Ann Arbor recycle cart.

Love talking to my kiddo about her younger days. Like driving to a Radiohead concert in Ohio. As a teenager. She ran into one of her cFam cousins there and he didn’t recognize her at first. And she drove my car (new top dollah Honda Accord) with my permission because she felt like that car might not be likely to break down and maybe if she were driving, she might have more control over what was happening. Like mother, like daughter.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My older daughter went to a Radiohead concert too. I don’t remember where it was, perhaps Seattle? I bet it feels sad to pack everything up for another year.