You’ve heard of Manhattans right? The drink, I mean. 2 shots of bourbon (or whatever) and a shot of vermouth. It gets complicated with bitters and cherries and yada yada yada. And simple syrup. Simple syrup? Whut?

If you know the FinFam, we make Fran-hattans (in which The Commander would sometimes reverse the proportions). And Anne-hattans, which are basically Fran-hattans that I put in the freezer (aka freezer-hattans). As a side-note, my BELOVED sister-in-law Gay spent many years managing her family’s tavern and has pointed out that my recipe is not exactly correct. I’m sure that’s true, especially I learned how to make them from The Commander. It’s okay, I just muddle along.

Tonight… I made the GG a gnat-hattan. Last night I somehow ended up with two partial bottles of vermouth. I had intended to combine them but forgot. And. I apparently threw out the cap to the lesser bottle and DIDN’T combine it with the other bottle and ALSO did not stick saran wrap in the top. So I made the GG a freezer ‘hattan this evening and when he pulled it outta the freezer there were all these teensy tinsey little buglets in it. I looked at mine and noticed a bunch of them too.

The GG saved the day with a sieve and I started remembering that we have been minor-ly plagued by these gnatty-type bugs. I don’t know if they are actually gnats. Whatever they are, they are VERY small and they do not bite. They are just annoying. Especially when they collect into your cocktail of choice.

A rainy evening for our last night here until next spring. This is okay. This pic is off the back deck. If you look carefully, you can see the shed roof and a little sliver of the garage roof.

Poised to travel tomorrow with a whole crapload of junkola and I’m not sure why all of the rifles always end up in MY vee-hickle…

One Response to “Gnat-hattans”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Bugs in drinks are not the same as the worm in the mezcal bottle!