Actually given Michigan freeways, it’s more like clunkity clunkity clunkity clunk ka-whomp! I am back on the Planet Ann Arbor. I feel like I’ve been on the moon.

The GG kicked me outta the moomincabin this morning so he could close down the water without me in the way. He did fill a bucket of water so I could do one last moominP and flush it down. (I do know how to flush a terlet with a bucket of water, thanks to the moldy old Hoton Lake cabin.) A part of me wanted to follow Mooon Yooonit and the Lyme Lounge down today but it was better for both of us for me to just skedaddle ahead of him.

It was a decent drive (but then again it was a WEEKDAY) except for fairly heavy rain for maybe 45 minutes in the Gaylord area. I touched in when I gassed up in Waters. The rain had momentarily let up and I texted “Waters” to my family but I did not tell them about the rain because I didn’t want the beach urchins to worry about me. And truth be told, I was fine. I slowed down from 75 (the speed limit) to 70.

I suffered a weird lack of driving confidence during the COVID pandemic heyday but I seem to be over it. I hate to admit this but I was even a bit nervous about crossing large suspension bridges for a while, like the Big Mac. I’ve been crossing that bridge almost my whole life and I WASN’T even nervous about it after 2001 when people were suggesting big bridges as targets. But I am over that. YAY! (And I do respectfully note that this is the 22nd anniversary of the 911 terrorist attacks.)

So after schlepping umpteen bazillion grocery bags of food and laundry and laptops and other stuff into the Landfill, I *tried* to chill out for a bit but I couldn’t sit still so after a while I started in on laundry. I did a big load of moomincabin towels, then my sleeping bag, and finally a filthy throw rug that hasn’t been washed in eons. There are more of those and I’m doing them one at a time. Some of them have rubber or whatever and cannot go in the dryer. It will take me a while to put away the non-perishable grocks because there are duplicates, which means I need to RESET the Landfill Chitchen. I did not unload the GG’s big iMac or the rifles. Those are his and I left them for him to deal with.

So here I am sitting in my back yard listening to the crickets and I just slapped a MOE-skee-TOE, which I have seen very few of in recent weeks at the moomincabin. Welcome home, KW. Work tomorrow, Hi Ho!

One Response to “Ka-whomp!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    75, wow! Our freeway speed limit (for most of the areas I drive) is a mere 60. But usually I go 65. 🙂