So I was driving my five-hour drive yesterday. My phone was plugged in to Cygnus and however the heck that works, it means I can make and receive phone calls without picking up my phone and dialing it. Most of y’all prob’ly have the same kind of technology. I appreciate that I can do this but I prefer to drive without the interruption of phone calls.

I get VERY FEW spam calls but yesterday was my day. Dundee Michigan, area code 734, my area code. Various numbers. I would decline one and maybe a half hour later, I’d have to decline another one. Whack-a-mole ALL DAY. I actually answered one of the calls. I know that is not the way to deal with nuisance phone spammers and I know why but I was at the end of my rope. There were weird “knocking” noises on the other end. I didn’t say “yes”. I know better than that. I did yell, “DON’T CALL ME AGAIN!” Fully knowing that it was likely a bot and hoping it couldn’t “hear” me and translate those words into something like, “you have access to my bank account”. Fortunately the calls stopped overnight. I got one more of them today, then they (knock on wood) stopped. I can (and do) block these phone calls but I have to wonder what happens if you get like say 100 of them in an hour. Who the heck can keep up with that? Is there a way to stop it? Maybe there is but I don’t know what it is.

Speaking of banks, there was some bank annoyance. Actually it wasn’t the bank, it was related to persistent “I’m your bank [or best friend]” telephone solicitors. I won’t say anything more about that. We were not targeted but a vulnerable person we care about was. Again. Myself? I don’t [normally] answer calls from numbers I don’t know. Why can’t these *ssholes use their talents to pursue a more positive line of work?

So we’re ready for new iPhones (we have X and XS, which are basically the same thing and long story). The GG watched today’s Apple “presentation” or whatever it was. I was fighting with a (work) content management system that has changed since the last time I used it, which was a few months ago but I’d’ve been really bored with the Apple presentation anyway. I am not impressed that Apple isn’t offering a phone as small as the one I have now. I have small hands and I like small phones. I guess I will get the 6.1 inch iPhone 15 (I may not know the correct names for these phones) and live with it. It WILL still fit in my pocket.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My mom likes to engage with those calls which I think just encourages them to call back–even if she tells them off. I mostly don’t answer. I’m tempted by the 15 but am still relatively happy with my 12 Pro.