It’s all in a name

I FINALLY finished my work today. And it’s okay, it was a SUCCESSFUL day albeit too complicated to describe. I decamped to the back yard and opened up XFKAT (X Formerly Known As Twitter) and this is what I saw. I’m sorry but I could NOT stop laughing.

Just for starters, I canNOT believe anyone would vote for someone so idiotic they would use a sharpie to try to change the course of a hurricane. But Xeorge Xonway usually cracks me up anyway, which is why I follow him on XFKAT. I won’t go into why I started following him or what I think of his wife (I think they are separated at this point). I don’t know who the Elizabeth person is and don’t follow her. The short story on what I think of XFKAT’s owner is 💩💩💩. Frankly, I don’t give a damn about how rich or “smart” he is or any of his companies’ achievements. He is also a NUTCASE and there are plenty of rich, “smart”, nutcases who have wreaked havoc in this world throughout history.

I sent this screenshot to some beach urchins and one of them sent back “Xnne Xinlayson” (my name with Xs), which cracked me up even more. Not that I’m gonna change my XFKAT handle. I haven’t tweeted or interacted with anyone on that platform for years. Instead, it reminded me of how totally incensed The Commander was once when I was a kid and she received a package addressed to Mrs. “Tinlayson”. Mrs. Tinlayson! Well! Our name starts with “F”. It is Scottish as far as we know although we are aware there are Scandinavians with that name.

My mother was a STICKLER for proper English, spelling and grammar and whatever. As I have said on here before, if you wanted to use the word “ain’t” you had better be over in the schoolyard or somewhere. Wherever she couldn’t hear you. People mangled our family name all the time and it drove her nuts. When I had learned the bare basics of phonics, I remember sitting in my bedroom figuring out that our name consisted of three simple syllables, each a valid word on its own. Fin. Lay. Son. We put the main accent on the first syllable with a lighter accent on the last. How can you screw that up? Every which way, the most common being “Finnelson” followed by “Finallyson” and some people accent the middle syllable. Finlaaaayson. Nope.

And no, I did not change my name when I got married. There was no big political discussion about this. I just didn’t change it. I had no problem with my kids taking the cFam name. I have no problem with people calling ME the cFam name, in fact when the kids were in school, I used that name informally all the time. Once a wonderful grade school PTO prez rather nervously asked me which I wanted to be called. I told him either was fine or just “Mouse’s Mom.” That immediately put him at ease.

The biggest problem is that The Commander always struggled with my refusal to officially take the GG’s name. Her feminist side was apparently at war with her “proper” side. This was fine until she died and my lawyer found that she had referred to me by the cFam name in a few official documents. He was a good lawyer and this was an easy if annoying complication to sort out. And I remember just sighing, “Oh moom.”

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I wish I’d kept my own name instead of hyphenated. That hyphen has caused some problems!