Garbage Queen

At the end of today, I closed down my laptop, hauled my garbage carts out to the curb, and moved to the back yard to check XFKAT (Zifkat?) and other stuff. Chillin’ out. After a few minutes, I heard other people hauling their carts out. I don’t really think they were waiting for MEEEE to put my garbage out but once LofPNet across the street told us they take their cue on whether the garbage goes out from whatever I do. Most weeks it goes out on the regular day, Friday, but it gets tricky with holidays. Delayed a day on some but not others. I follow @RecycleAnnArbor on Zifkat but I also know how to look things up.

I’m afraid I totally failed as Garbage Woman when we closed up the moomincabin this year. The GG kicked me down the road before he shut off the water and put the dreaded window coverings up. I appreciated that and I HATE when the window coverings are on, as necessary as they are. I KNOW I had a conversation with him saying that I was going to LEAVE the garbage under the kitchen sink for HIM TO SCHLEP in case he found other things to put in it. This made sense to me although I don’t mind schlepping a bag of garbage. I had dumped a Green Bag off at the res two days before so there wasn’t much.

All these days later, I opened up the Landfill garbage cart to put my one bag of Landfill garbage in there. There was a bag in there already that STUNK TO HIGH HEAVEN, which leads me to believe it did not come from the moomincabin. I know there were a FEW chicken bones in the moomingarbage but this smell was NOT rotten chicken. Chemical of some sort. Yuck.

In the ensuing conversation, we came to the mutual realization that he LEFT a bag of garbage up there under the sink. With chicken bones in it. Apparently he doesn’t remember me TALKING about the garbage. I guess next time we have this situation, I will put the kitchen garbage “can” out in the middle of the floor where he might trip over it? I am not complaining. He works very hard on the moomincabin and he will be back in the yooperland later this fall and he can snag the garbage AND the butter I left in the refrigerator.

If you embiggen this pic a couple times, you might be able to see a green plastic can under the sink. That’s the main moomingarbage. I keep an eagle eye on that and whenever it fills up and I need to remove it (and put it in a Green Bag), I wash out the green can before putting a new kitchen bag in.

I actually took this pic to show where the moomin “back” and “front” doors are. The back door is to the left at the end of the kitchen and “back” is toward the garage, road, and swamp. The front door is next to the refrigerator. It is not in the actual “front” of the cabin. That is behind me. It would be really hard to have a door there because the “front” is the beach side and if there is a northwest wind, it could be hard to go in and out. So the “front” door is essentially the “side” door.

Our “front” and “back” doors are not very far apart are they? It’s a small, rustic cabin but we love it.

3 Responses to “Garbage Queen”

  1. jane Says:

    One year I left several bottles of wine in a carrier, pretty much in the middle of the kitchen floor. I was taking so many things out to the car, I managed to forget one more thing.
    You guys must have been gone already, and luckily Jan has a key and was able to grab them. I just really didn’t want bottles (even with alcohol in them) to freeze and spill all over.
    Yay for cousins!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Forgetting about garbage is NOT fun! It doesn’t take long for it to reek.

  3. Pam J. Says:

    I love your cabin. I crave your cabin. I want to dream about your cabin. Long live the cabin!