Billions of transistors ago

This very fuzzy pic was taken with whatever digital cam I had in 2007, a Canon I think. These were our first iPhones. The second pic is the first picture my first iPhone took. It was an accidental pic taken by MMCB1. We were having coffee at Barry Bagels and she accidentally opened the camera and took the picture. I kept this pic as my screen photo for a long time until a beach urchin changed it, not knowing it actually meant something to me.

Man oh man, do we set ourselves up for stress. We pre-ordered the iPhone 15. It came (as promised) today. The GG is leaving tomorrow for a couple weeks. Was our journey from our X/Xs phones (yes they are old) to the 15 a smooth one? No it was not. Both of us had a lot of problems with it. We are computer professionals, the GG a computer scientist and me whatever it is that I am, user experience design is what I get paid to do but I am not *usually* lost when the developers are talking.

In the end, I think we both managed to get our new phones working albeit via different paths. I cannot imagine what people without our skills and experience at bashing through tech problems are going through right now. I can only guess that Apple’s tech support phone lines are glutted with calls. The Google suggested that the release was buggy and it sure felt that way. I struggle with why. Where are the user experience designers? Where are the quality control analysts? My work team is not perfect but we test like crazy with every release to try to ensure our users will have a smooth experience with whatever changes we’ve made. And we do not release updates to our product to millions of users in the general public like Apple does.

At any rate, all is now well. I was concerned about the slightly larger size of the phone (from the Xs) but it is really not that much bigger than the Xs. It fits my small hand and into my zip pocket and that’s what counts.

The UU came down for the night and Lizard Breath came over for dinner. Mixed grill (filet mignon and salmon) and friends. The Lizard took it upon herself to do the dishes and uber clean the Landfill Chitchen. I am beyond thankful for that. I do keep up with dishes and kitchen cleanup but she did a little deep cleaning that has been neglected. I sat outside with the UU watching the half moon traverse the sky and slap a few MOE-skee-TOES until they went to bed, as they do.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s intimidating to hear since I was contemplating a new phone. However, I think I’ll stick with the 12 for now.