iPhone 15 first photoooo

So this boring photooo is the first photo I took with my iPhone 15. Well, except for the Cloverland “refund” check or whatever it was that I uploaded to my bank. It had my dad’s name on it c/o meeee but I think they will accept it (they have before) but maybe I should straighten that out one of these days?

These are the Twinz of Terror. They’re pretty calm looking here. This morning. Oh my gawd. How much more stuff can we pack? And how noisy can we be making breakfast. I managed to get up and take a shower BEFORE them and after that I stayed outta the fray. The scariest part was maybe when — after they left — the GG came back in for a minute. TO RETURN ONE OF CYGNUS’S FOBS, WHICH HE FOUND IN HE UU’S CAR! They are driving the UU’s car out to NY state and the UU moved Cygnus out of the driveway last night so they could [over]pack his vee-hickle, which is why he had her fob. Not sure why it was in his vee-hickle but whatever. Of all things, now that they are gone I kinda miss them. But I wasn’t psychologically up to traveling with them or staying in a bunkhouse… I need my own private bathroom…

I spent the day unpacking clothes from the summer and sorting clothing out in general. And ordering new charging blocks and cables for our new phones but not getting rid of the old ones so as to be able to support family and friends with older iPhones. And doing TONS of moomincabin laundry. Curtains and sheets. Making good progress but more to do tomorrow. But I am done done done for tonight!

One Response to “iPhone 15 first photoooo”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Nice photo, especially in low light. Do you notice a huge difference in the camera? You got a LOT done!