In which the GG’s 1st iPhone 15 photo is a mirror of mine

Somehow we both took similar first pics on our new iPhones.

Other than that, today was bubble bubble toil and trouble. Among other things, I finished washing ALL of the moomincabin curtains today and reattached the hardware (curtain rings). I didn’t do a perfect job of spacing the rings upon the reattach but since they weren’t perfect before I took them off, it’ll do. Most of the time, the curtains are not closed so who would know. I did actually use a ruler to try to space them. I am halfway through washing the sheets and WHAT A MESS! It is a huge mishmash of sheets and pillowcases and even some unidentified items and it is stressing me out way more than I want it to. I want to get rid of maybe 75% of the whole mess…

I did not play around with the new iPhone cam much today. I was busy and I am pretty much a point and shoot person who occasionally gets a lucky shot. I will never be a photography snoot. I am ALL FOR people who use fancy high-end cameras of any sort. I am ALL FOR people who use film cameras even though I suspect most of those folks ALSO use digital cams. Photography for many people is a hobby and it’s very cool that there are so many kinds of equipment to experiment with.

Years and years ago when digital cams were new, I was sitting next to an aunt at a family function. She was “still” using a film camera to do whatever artistic photography she was interested in. A young male relative strongly opined that the only way to go was digital. Say what? This woman was a decent amateur artist in various media including photography and who the heck cared what technology she used to take photos.

One Response to “In which the GG’s 1st iPhone 15 photo is a mirror of mine”

  1. Margaret Says:

    He’s not one of the people sitting there? I’m so confused. I don’t plan out my photos, just snap them. Any artsy picture I get is accidental! 🙂