This morning’s excitement

So this BIG truck backed up into the driveway across the street. This big conveyor belt thingy going up by the roof conveyed packs of shingles up there and big strong young men unloaded them.

When I first moved to the Planet Ann Arbor, I had no clue how to get a job. How many words can I type in a minute? I was fast but probably not enough to qualify for a secretary type job I didn’t really want. Remember those days? Maybe you don’t. A MacMu architect uncle in town took pity on me and hired me to do odd jobs for him and some of his buddies. I am not really good at odd jobs but I tried. One of those jobs was actually a roofing job. Me and another young woman worked with this guy and, well, hauling that stuff even up to a roof on a one story house was difficult for even a strong young woman. Being ON the roof? Well, hmmm, acrophobia anyone? Plus there was the boss, who made, you know, overtures to me. I lasted ONE DAY. I do not have a history of quitting jobs willy-nilly but I am not cut out for construction work of any sort and I will not put up with sexual advances from anyone (not that I get them as a baggy old bag).

As luck would have it, I was hired for my childhood tech job very soon after that. I didn’t get paid jack shit at first and it was never a really high paying job but I was successful at it and respected by most of the people I had to work or interact with once they got to know I was on their side and could (politely) fix the errors on their data sheets or whatever. Although my “career” has taken some loop-de-loops between then and now, that job changed my life. I have to add that my childhood job was when I was having my children and I was treated VERY well during that period. Long story for another blahg entry.

So the iPhone 15 is fine but THEY LOGGED ME OUT OF EVERY GODDAMN APP AND WEBSITE I USE. Some of this stuff was easy to recover, some not. XFKAT (Twitter) was scary but I managed. Did I have to reboot? I can’t remember. Netflix? I FINALLY got logged in but after a bazillion two-factor authentication codes sent that DIDN’T WORK, I am not exactly sure what my password ended up being. So I may have to change it again…

Plum Market? I was at the store and I went to open my app ($10 off every so often) and it wanted me to log in. Total failure and I was afraid I’d have to file a ticket with them… I didn’t mess with it at the store but when I got home, I PERSISTED, and I am now logged in again.

I dunno why Apple chose to roll out this phone with this kind of shitola. I know there are security issues with passwords, etc. I work for the online banking industry. They might’ve at least warned us when we were going through the iPhone15 setup process that this might break current login stuff.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Passwords and being logged out of anything on my cell are the banes of my existence. I have a “passwords” book but I don’t carry it with me; it lives at home. My laptop remembers everything–my cell, not so much.