Super Moon and me (and my new iPhone)

I just wanted to snap a quick pic of the super moon before it got lost in the trees (and fog, which happened later). So I pointed my phone at the moooon but before I snapped this pic, some weird stuff came on the screen, like a quarter-circle with some radii with numbers at the end? I can’t exactly remember. I was in the moment and just wanted a pic so I hit the button and this is what my phone served up. Seemed like there was a way to make adjustments…

I guess I will have to figger out how this camera works. I’m not even sure if this stuff is new for the iPhone 15. I do know that it’s new SINCE the iPhone Xs. MMCB1 is signed up for classes at Apple. She doesn’t have a new phone so I’m not sure how that all came to be except she LIKES to take classes. Since I am a muddler when it comes to personal technology, I do not take classes from Apple and I probably won’t. For one thing, I THINK I would have to go to the MALL, a place I LOVED when I was young but have avoided like poison since waaay before COVID. It’s okay, I’ll figger it out.

A bee-yoo-ty-ful day here. I reset the refrigimitator and cleaned the shelves surrounding the front window and everything on them. And sorted out iPhone power cables. Because Apple changed to a lightning(?) connector to the phone, all of the umpteen bazillion cables we own are now obsolete for our iPhones (and I just bought a few new ones at the beginning of the summer). The beach urchins will probably take some and I will save some and also take some up to the moomincabin next summer for people who don’t yet have the 15.

In the late afternoon, I took Cygnus out into the country. When I returned, my neighbor was cleaning up leaves. He had cleaned up the leaves in MY DRIVEWAY! These are the Little Leaves. The Big Leaves (oak mostly) have not fallen yet. The little leaves get tracked into the Landfill and are very hard to vacuum up. Of my six or whatever vacs, Purply gets them off the carpet but not off tile or wood. But maybe I’ll try a different attachment. Rooomba is very good at vacuuming most things but she doesn’t reliably pick up these leaves. But I have a new rooomba since last fall so maybe I should try her out.

At any rate, it turns out the tree that drops these little fiends is in the neighbor’s yard. In all the years I’ve lived here, I didn’t know that. So I think he was trying to clean up after his own tree. He said he was thinking about cutting it down. I don’t care whether he does or not but I did tell him I wasn’t annoyed enough about the little leaves for him to lose a tree. I’ve been living with the Little Leaf Season for going on 40 years. It’s annoying but it lasts for about a week or 10 days. This is the first time the neighbor who owns the house next door (and that tree) has cleaned up the leaves.

When I thanked him he said, “I had to wait until you left.” 🤣

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Well, I’m very annoyed by the big trees behind me–their roots are in my yard and lots of leaves fall, helped along by the owner actually blowing them from her lawn into mine. (into my fence actually) I wonder if the 15 camera is different from the 12. I’m a point and shooter and I don’t remember that!