Pretty glorious day

The pic is actually from yesterday morning. Today started out clear and stayed that way all day.

For complicated reasons, I wanted to get some sweet corn, knowing it would be the last of the season or maybe I was already too late? I did not go to the farmers market yesterday morning (for complicated reasons). Plum had packaged corn, which I’m sure was fine for what it was but if I could get the REAL stuff, that’s what I wanted. So I figgered I’d go to the little corn and veggie stand in the liqwire store parking lot. I had driven by it on Friday so I thought it’d still be there. Wrong…

Okay, I’d had Cygnus out in the county up in the area of the mouse house and I thought I remembered a little farm stand around there somewhere. I hadn’t looked carefully but my mind’s eye remembered corn. I couldn’t remember exactly where it was but I was driving down Joy Road toward Dexter and slammed on my brakes when I saw Pete’s Produce. With CORN! And some gorgeous cherry tomatoes.

Chores, puzzles, and read my current book (The Cider House Rules, have read other books by that author but not that one). Until lizard got done with her pottery activity and we schlepped over to HOMES Brewery for beer (her), whine (me), and bibimbap. We tried to sit outside but it was too hot and too bright so when a table opened up “inside” (except it was really totally open to the air), we moved. I even wore eye makeup today. I have totally forgotten how to put eye makeup on in the last few years and it was a total mess.

And then I kinda crashed. Going out to lunch makes me so tired “post”-pandemic. I’m quite a bit revived now and sitting outside writing this boring blahg entry.

One Response to “Pretty glorious day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad that someone besides me is a beer drinker. I like bibimbap–my older daughter makes it!