They’re baaaaaack

I put together a mini-feast for their return. Baked chicken thighs, rice, delicata squash, green beans with almonds, and the last local corn of the season. I think. I modeled this after the Twinz mom’s feasts I was invited to participate in when the GG and I were first a couple. My dishes tonight were maybe not exactly what Grandma Sally served but the point was that it was a bit of meat plus a variety of harvest veggies.

You’ve heard of the little girl who went missing from her family’s campsite in upstate New York? She’s been found, thank the gods. It turns out she went missing from very near where the Twinz were staying. I don’t think “we” know much about her abductor at this point but why? Oh, I know why. Some people are evil.

The Twinz did a Story Corps interview while they were over in upstate New York. I’ve been listening to Story Corps for years. When I was still driving over to Cubelandia, I would usually hear it on Friday morning just about when I got to the vicinity of the notorious State/Ellsworth roundabout. The roundabout is an issue for many people but never for me.

I don’t expect to hear their Story Corps interview on the radio any time soon or even ever. I turns out that they don’t necessarily interview in an actual booth. Instead, a North Country Trail official interviewed them on a couch in an old house. Their 45(?) minute interview will be cut to five minutes. Both will be archived and NPR stations will pick up the short interview and broadcast it if and when they want to.

I’m gonna try to get up early enough tomorrow morning to kick off a bacon and hash brown breakfast. People can make their own eggs if they want them.

G’night, KW

One Response to “They’re baaaaaack”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is indeed a feast! So glad that the little girl was found alive. I wasn’t optimistic.