New iPhone weirdness of the day? MMCB tried to call me for our weekly facetime coffee session and I wasn’t getting the call and wasn’t getting the call and… We finally (by hook or by crook) got connected and I realized that my phone was on “do not disturb”. I did not (knowingly) turn that setting on.

Then? MMCB wanted to know if my new phone has gotten hot? No. I have read about overheating iPhone 15s. They can get so hot you can’t touch them. Instagram is one of the apps that is apparently blamed for the issue. I use Instagram all the time but I nip in and out quickly so am guessing I’m not on there long enough at any one time to trigger the heat. Why does this happen? My semi-educated guess is bad programming? Spaghetti code maybe? App developers, design elegant code. If I could do it with old FORTRAN, you can do it with whatever code builds apps.

So ALSO at some point, noises got turned on. Key clicks, alerts, etc. I could turn them waaaaaay down but it took some muddling to get them OFF. Key clicks drive me the craziest. When we had our first iPhones, the GG would routinely wake me up in the middle of the night by typing stuff on his phone with the key click sound on. He KNOWS things like that drive me nuts. A couple weeks ago, in the middle of the night, a soft beep-beep-beep-beep started up. Just four beeps. Not a smoke alarm and not a phone. I would just be getting back to sleep when… beep-beep-beep-beep. What the f*ck is that beeping? Turned out it was the battery that powers the fiber optic wifi at the moomincabin during power outages. Because the moomin freezes solid over the winter, we have to take it down to the Planet Ann Arbor for the winter so it doesn’t discharge. But you have to PLUG IT IN!

Our friend Joan of North Country Trail fame stopped by and took the GG out of the house for a bit. She has hiked the whole trail twice, not contiguously either time, very hard to plan that kind of trip. The last two years the GG supported her and hiked with her a lot.

Mooma Duck’s “formal” wedding attire so far? Sort of a mishmash. One black sequined maxi skirt on the way. Another (preferred one) on a wait list. The wait listed one has an emerald green version that I miiiight like more. We’ll see what happens. Flat black shoes because I (for god knows what reason) got rid of a pair at some point. I canNOT wear my ripped up Keen sandals to this wedding. Black/silver tights. They’re not from Snag or We Love Colors so I’ll have to make sure they’ll fit such that I don’t have to keep hiking them up. I hate that. Green beaded evening bag. Still figuring out what to wear on top. Tank top and minimalist cardigan or wrap is what I’m aiming for but haven’t quiiite hit it yet. But also didn’t have much time to search today.

Yes, all of this shopping is online. It’s not that I am afraid to go shopping, just that I’m not sure where to GO (and have kinda forgotten how). J. L. Hudson’s (now Macy’s) mighta been my choice back in the day but I have no clue what shopping there is like now and don’t wanna take the time to find out.

I will get there, with MUCH help from my uber cool daughters.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Wedding attire is so hard; I went through agonies trying to find a mother of the bride dress for Ashley’s wedding. She wouldn’t let me wear pants and a blouse (teacher clothes).