Michigan’s state bird

These beasties are pretty much gone from the yooperland by now although I HAVE encountered them at this time of year. They are still here on The Planet Ann Arbor, at least when it is hot out. I smashed this one last night. Note that I do not kill “bugs” indiscriminately, like I shared my shower with a couple spiders this morning and I left them alone. I won’t say that either of them died by my hand (a mosquito did) but ifya wanna take a shower with meeeee, ya pay yer money and ya take yer chances.

It is not anywhere near hot tonight but it isn’t terribly cold either. Yet. It rained ALL afternoon, heavily for quite a while (which I loved) and it is still warm enough that I can keep the windows open although that’ll probably change in a couple days. Or even by morning.


I’ve been on an “abortion” book jag. I mean most of the books I’ve been reading are novelizing (is that a word?) the issues that women face when they have an unplanned pregnancy or are trying to avoid one. I will not go much farther into that today but a book that I really liked is “The Cider House Rules”. I have read books by this author before (a long time ago) but haven’t ever read this one and I didn’t even know what it was about. For the first time I actually have a high-level understanding of what a dilation and curettage is. Although it is a procedure for an early abortion, it is also involved in miscarriages that have not expelled all of the fetus and need to be cleaned up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regard myself as an expert in any of this.

So the other books I’ve been reading about this subject are not bad but they couldn’t be called high literature. Still, they illustrate life for women in the US before abortion was legal and what it is like now that it is NOT, at least not for every state. States rights? Yeah roight. That was really not what rolling back Roe vs. Wade was about.

End abortion book jag.

Another book I read was People Collide. I was anticipating this book. The author had an interesting idea, basically that a married couple suddenly become each other, i.e., the man is in the woman’s body and vice versa. I wanted to like this book. I thought the writing was fine but I’m not a good judge of that. I HATED the characters! Self absorbed people all of them and gazing at their damn navels forever. And there was no resolution. Sometimes I don’t need that but with this book I did. There was a weird event that happened at the very beginning of the book that was never explained. I’m sorry but what the hell?

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We read a couple of excellent books in BC about abortion. Can I remember the titles? Nope. 🙂

  2. Margaret Says:

    And MEIN GOTT, that mosquito is huge!!