Knit one purl one

Although I have been knitting and purling a bit lately, today was more like: read a chapter, knit/purl a row, do a chore.

I was knit/purling (which involves COUNTING) this afternoon when someone burst through the front door. Was the GG back from the yooperland already? Nope. It was a beach urchin paying a surprise drop-in visit. I did NOT see her drive into the driveway and it dern near scared me half to death although not like the time last year she arrived AS SCHEDULED and I had just started nodding off a bit. That time I jumped up and screamed (sorta) in a very weird way.

In an attempt to ease back into fiber arts stuff, I have picked a very low stakes prodject, knitted dish cloths. Easy and quick. I made one two years ago then started but quickly abandoned a second. Last weekend I picked up the abandoned one, finished it and am closing in on finishing a third. I LOVE these things. They are knit of cotton yarn, and are a bit “scrubby” in a soft sort of way.

One of my beach urchins is an expert knitter (designs her own lace patterns, etc.) and people used to always ask me if I was also a knitter. My answer? I know how 🤡🤡🤡

In other news, I finished the Silo TV series last night. It basically covered the first book (there are three). I sure hope they create more. I liked this series, both TV and books. The TV series didn’t EXACTLY follow the book but I was okay with what was changed. I particularly liked that a crusty but lovable ancient male (I think) character in the book was female in the series.

So… It was too early to go to bed and I don’t necessarily do well with reading at that time of night. So what’s next? I mean, nowadays we can watch all kinds of stuff on “TV” or in my case, my iPhone. Casting about for something different, I stumbled upon Chemistry Lessons. Now… I know a LOT of people absolutely loved the book. Although I didn’t dislike it, I was less enthusiastic about it. I mean, I GET IT. I am a woman. The stuff that happened to that female *chemist* was horrible. [Delete a bunch of VERY complicated and BORING navel gazing about my own life.]

Anyway, I took a chance on the Chemistry Lessons series. I LOVE it. I’m not sure exactly why but it made the characters come alive for me. Not to mention the early 1950s in general. The automotive vee-hickles, the music, the food, whatever. I entered that era at the absolute tail end. The first vee-hickle in my memory was our Black Ford and it may have been manufactured in the early 50s. Speaking of TV (as I did in the previous paragraph), there was no TV in my childhood yooperland city until well after the early 50s. And when we did get TV (I was two years old), it was many years before we got more than one station and our original one station was Canadian.

I will continue to watch Chemistry Lessons and hope it continues to be good.

2 Responses to “Knit one purl one”

  1. Paulette Says:

    Yay! Getting back into Fiber Arts ! How grand! I so remember the lovely quilted pieces of vibrant colors that you worked on at the beach. The beach urchins were itty bitty urchins at the time. Fiber on!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I wish I were more into crafts. I am too impatient to put myself through the learning curve. Lessons in Chemistry was an excellent book so I will have to watch the series. (if I can)