Jack Bombing on a slodgy Sunday

What did I wanna do today? The GG asked me that this morning. I had already been oot and aboot and prepped dinner (lamb stew) and I dunno, it was a kinda nice rainy-ish morning and I didn’t really wanna go anywhere.

A little later, he confronted me with this jack-o’-lantern on the other side of the front window from teleCublandia. So, okay, you have drilled another cFam-looking jack-o’-lantern. What does that have to do with meeeee?

He wanted me to accompany him to jack-bomb our younger daughter’s house. Well, okay then. If you are one of my five readers, he jack-bombed our older daughter last Monday (which was her birthday). Today was a perfect day to jack-bomb our younger daughter’s porch because both our daughters and their SOs spent the weekend at the Hoton Lake Group Home and they weren’t home yet. Guess what they did while they were there? They raked a shit-ton of leaves. The GG will get the rest of them later in the week. And yes we are learning it’s better for the environment if we don’t totally “vacuum” our yards clean of every leaf. We’re still learning how to put that into Best Practices for lawn care. We are old dogs but we can learn new tricks.

Anyway we dropped off this Jack and I dunno what the GG really wanted to do next but I suggested a back road trip. My original idea was to drive Bethel Church Road from end to end but as we were driving that road, I could sense the GG was tiring so when we got to the crossroad next to the actual church (because there is an actual church), we turned north and headed home.

I had a bit of a sinking spell after that, meaning it was probably a good day to slodge a bit.

One Response to “Jack Bombing on a slodgy Sunday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t keep up with the leaves in my yard, so I’m glad that I’m doing something environmentally sound. Too many leaves does kill off the grass though and I don’t like that.