Where am I? How do I?

This is a boring brain dump and I won’t be offended if you skip it.

Every time I have a fatal work laptop crash (I’ve been around a long time), I lose a few important but non-standard apps that I have to recover. This time, I have recovered one, need to work with the dev team on a second. And the third? It wants the last PO (purchase order?) number.

Welp. The last time I had a catastrophic crash was before the delta wave of COVID and I was at the moomincabin. it’s a long story of laptops being shipped here and there and a loverly Fedex driver gal cheerfully navigating our one-lane cabin road and dealing with the moomin/Old Cabin “parking lot”. I was the only person there so it was easy. Actually by that time, she had already delivered covid tests so she knew the landscape.

Eventually my dead laptop ended up with a support person in Massachusetts. He was GREAT. He was also chatty and VERY interested in my yooperland property. Oh, he didn’t want to buy it (or any other UP land). He was just interested. So we were talking (as we did) and I made an offhand reference about a screenshot app that I use EVERY GOD DAMN DAY. It happens to be one I knew I’d have to re-order and I’d had a painful experience with that a few years before. So when he said, “I’ll install that for you.” I was happy. But of course now I don’t have a PO number.

The painful experience was that once when I tried to order an update, a person responded with “Why can’t you just use the Microsoft Snipper tool for screenshots?” I clenched my teeth and responded POLITELY that Snipper does not have the tools that allow me to annotate screenshots to illustrate complicated functionality. One example is if you use the text tool and misspell something, you cannot go back and select the text to edit it. You have to use the ERASER tool and then re-write the text. And hope you don’t make another typo or decide to change your words, like I frequently do. I mean, c’mon…

After that, I talked to my then manager about this kinda “snippy” Snipper response and she did some kind of magic and it all worked out except that it took a couple weeks and a prod from my manager to actually get it onto my laptop. That manager USED this app and knew that I needed it. So, waiting to figger out how to get this app back. Again.

One Response to “Where am I? How do I?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s painful and discouraging to get apps back, even on a personal laptop. Passwords, what passwords?