They call it mellow yellow

When I got up Halloween morning, the house across the street had acquired a blanket of yellow. Overnight. Actually I did not see this when I got up. That’s because I got up a couple hours before Mr. Golden Sun got up and I couldn’t see it until almost 8:00 AM — that entity didn’t roll outta bed until around 8:07 or so.

I don’t remember EVER seeing this phenomenon before. At least not at the house across the street. It’s just a junk point-and-shoot photo but I kind of like it. The colors work well and I especially like the contrast the little red tree provides.

Since I don’t have anything much to say and you do NOT want to know about the git repos😵‍💫 I will report that I woke up to our first snow of the year this morning. I didn’t take a pic because there wasn’t much to see. Mooon Yooonit’s veeeendsheeeld was snow-covered (Cygnus was on an 0-skunk-30 airport run) and there was a dusting on our downed leaves. Sidewalk (thankfully) was bone dry.

Other places in the state, particularly on the “west coast” (aka Lake Michigan), got significant amounts and accidents ensued all over the place. People, put your cell phone away and slow down. It’s now illegal in our state to use your phone while driving anyway.

There was snow in the yooperland too but I don’t think the moominbeach got a significant amount. It cracks me up that folks on my work team are suddenly asking if I am in the yoop or here. I have to keep re-explaining (and I actually LOVE the re-explaining) that it’s a seasonal cabin with no insulation or central heating and exposed plumbing. So we close it every winter. This year we closed it in mid-September. Most years it would be okay for it to stay open 3-4 more weeks later but this year the Master of the Moomincabin aka the GG had some traveling to do and it seemed prudent to close it when we did.

3 Responses to “They call it mellow yellow”

  1. Margaret Says:

    In other words, it’s an actual cabin. (which I like the idea of) That is an amazing yellow and now I have that song stuck in my head. LOL

  2. Pooh Says:

    Is it a gingko tree? We have some in our neighborhood, that do a massive leaf drop like that.

  3. jane Says:

    When I lived in Waterhill neighborhood I had a smallish tree in the yard. One Sunday in the fall I was sitting on the couch reading the paper. There was no breeze, and this tree started dropping 1 or 2 leaves at a time, and within a couple hours they were all on the ground. Whatever temp it had been overnight was apparently the temp needed for that tree to decide ‘it’s time’.
    It was very cool to watch.