Haunted trailer

The things I get up to when I’m, well, not exactly bored. But. Finally. Today. EIGHT days after the October 2023 Work Laptop Crash. I am fully back together. Well, 99% but we won’t talk about the 1% only because y’all wouldn’t understand it and I will BASH my way through it.

I got Visio back a few days ago. I use that for flow diagrams and things. Yesterday one of my dev wizards helped me set up Visual Studio, which I use to edit html/css/js code for the high fidelity prototype I maintain. People sometimes wonder something like, “Wouldn’t it be easier to use wireframes to mock up web pages?” Oh no it wouldn’t. Much faster for me to edit html files. SnagIt (fancy screenshot annotation app) I finally got today but not without having to tell support that I couldn’t log in to the “portal”.

These are all first-world problems but after 16 years at Big Online Banking Company, it’s still nerve wracking to set up a “new” laptop. Back in the day, we had the LSCHP to “sit on” whoever was causing a problem to make magic. These days, our laptops come loaded with standard stuff and we have a cloud but we are (mostly) on our own to muddle through anything non-standard by filing support tickets. I mean our managers can be helpful but my modus operandi is usually to try to bash through it by myself.

Anyway, after today, I was reading some trump-tastic bullshit somewhere on the internet and I remembered a different kind of Lyme Lounge haunting from fall 2016. The GG had returned from somewhere and I got into the Ninja to schlep over to work. The Lyme Lounge was parked ahead of me in the drive AND THERE WAS A BIG TRUMP MAGNET ON IT! I kinda freaked out about that. By the time I got to work, I realized that he had been at his TWIN BROTHER’S house and had probably been pranked. And indeed, he removed the magnet. His politics don’t match mine but he doesn’t like to have anything but North Country Trail stickers and things on his vee-hickles.

I got into a crazy frame of mind and was thinking about ordering a Dark Brandon t-shirt. What the heck, he wears a Let’s Go Brandon t-shirt sometimes. He’s lucky that when I was alone with that shirt at the Up North Laundry this summer, I considered leaving it there but did not. But we’ll see what I do… xmas list maybe? I know the GG wouldn’t buy me one. Or maybe I could get a t-shirt made out of the pic where the GG has radioactive Dark Brandon eyes 😵‍💫

2 Responses to “Haunted trailer”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t put any political stickers on my car or shirts on my body. I hate to say it but I’m afraid of vandalism/violent confrontation. It sounds trite but “What in the hell is the world coming to?”

  2. le Marquis Says:

    We watched the Netflix series All the Light You Cannot See tonight. In the final credits among the ruins of the town is a street sign, Rue a Courtoisville.