“You should play the part of the old witch”

I meant to post this pic of my Halloween attire last week but somehow it didn’t make it into the mix so here it is now. Photo credit to Lizard Breath.

She took it the day before her birthday when the beach urchins and SOs came over for an afternoon back yard faaar and / or FinFam Steak Dinner. Not everyone could do dinner. It was okay. Just try to find an evening when SIX gainfully employed adults can get together. A couple of my Parent of Adult Children mantras? 1) We celebrate birthdays because they give us a REASON to get together but if you can’t attend, we still love you. 2) Conversely, we don’t need an occasion to get together. All y’all (this snowbilly has prob’ly mangled that) live on The Planet Ann Arbor now. Dinner can happen at my house ANY TIME!

I bought the orange skull tights from Snag Tights back before COVID. They were my first Snag purchase. I love Snag Tights. I haven’t worn my PINK Barbara tights yet but I will. Anyway. the sparkly skirt is a by-product of my recent searches for formal wedding attire. It was uber cheap so I ordered it for fun. Other by-products were not so cheap but LOVERLY. Luxurious turtlenecks in BLACK and jewel-tone colors from Sundance and Coldwater Creek. I needed those but they aren’t wedding attire.

The beach urchins understand that I like a wee bit (or sometimes a lot) of glitz in my clothing. The Commander didn’t totally understand that until close to the end of her life but eventually she embraced it. I was who I was and no matter what I look like and the clothing I choose, I positively contribute to our society. I think. Plus I gave her a couple of bonus sons (the Twinz of Terror).

With these decrepit (but still good) old Keen sandals, I think I look a bit like the Wicked Witch of the East (Wizard of Oz of course). Except my legs are not peeking out from under a building and I am not wearing striped stockings although I certainly OWN some (thanks to Snag) 🤡

The title is from back in the days I worked for YAG (Ann Arbor Young Actors Guild). We included a lot of special needs children in our plays and we enjoyed this one young teenager although he could be a challenge. I was running through the bowels of the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre one evening during “tech week” and I encountered this young man and that is what he said to me. He always talked like there were marbles in his mouth. What did I say back to him? I don’t remember but I CRACKED UP!!! I wonder how/what he is doing now, something like 20 years later…

I couldn’t care less about football but the home team is playing a night game tonight and the GG is watching the game in the back room. Hail Hail Michigan the Champions of the West.

One Response to ““You should play the part of the old witch””

  1. Margaret Says:

    20 years ago he thought you were old? Judging age is difficult for me too so I get it. I’m getting together quite frequently with my daughters too now that they live close. But not together since they’re estranged. Sigh.