honda honda go faster faster

I got into Cygnus X-1 this morning. It was EARLY and I was making a Meijer run because I needed turkey PARTS so I could get my Thanksgiving gravy going and into the freezer. I am not a gravy-in-the-turkey-pan maker even though I have been taught how to do that by multiple super-cook relatives from all branches of all of my families. Anyway, the Plum sometimes has turkey parts. Meijer *reliably* has them. Disclaimer: Plum reliably has things that Meijer doesn’t 🤣

Mr. Golden Sun was just about to come up. But. The clock said 8:0-something. Meaning that wasn’t the right time because DST happened overnight so it shoulda been 7:0-something. I LOVE Cygnus dearly but I felt a small wave of annoyance that she was apparently not set up to change the time automatically. Would I have to use the app to reset the clock? But I have owned her for 2-1/2 years so we have switched back and forth a few times since I bought her and I don’t remember having to do that before. Five minutes later I randomly looked at the clock again and it had switched. Whew! She just needed a few minutes to sync. Also, first world problem.

Cygnus is not a Honda, she is a Subie Crosstrek. The vee-hickle in the pic is my old DOGHA (Dirty Old Green Honda Accord). A top dollah 2001 vee-hickle with a *V6* transmission. She could do vroooom, at least enough vroom for yer fav-o-rite blahgger’s rather cautious driving style.

I was ready to jettison the old Island Teal POC (Chrysler minivan) in 2001. I asked my General Motors auto engineer brother what he thought of various sedans (I was also ready to downsize to a sedan). He shocked me by suggesting we look at the Honda Accord. Bdah bdah bdah. You work for GM, right? You are suggesting we buy a (gasp) Japanese vee-hickle? Yes, yes he was. Next up was how the GG would react to that as he had always seemed to have an attitude against Japanese cars. Of all things, he actually seemed excited about the idea.

The NEXT thing was to find an Accord with THIS particular package (V6 et al). The Engineer didn’t think we’d be able to find one anywhere. Welp. Weeeee live on The Planet Ann Arbor and the GG managed to find one PDQ aaaaaand… We bought it! I emailed a couple pics of it in our driveway to The Engineer and his response was, “Where the HELL did you get THAT?” She was our first Japanese vee-hickle and we’ve never looked back.

In this pic the DOGHA is masquerading as a Halloween vee-hickle. Our older beach urchin was in Spain on study abroad at the time and asked for Halloween type pics of The Landfill et al. We took the DOGHA out to buy pumpkins and this was one of those pics.

P.S. I miss my brother, who died four years after we bought the DOGHA.

P.S.S. I won’t rant about switching to and from DST. It doesn’t really bother me although it did mess up my kids as small chidren. I will say that if we ever do choose one time to stick to, I hope it is Standard Time, not Daylight Time. I don’t mind dark mornings but sunrises AFTER 9:00 AM are too late at this latitude. I just want “us” to think through all of the issues and scenarios all of our citizens would have to deal with and not let a bunch of old fossils make those decisions for us. I experienced walking to high school when the sun didn’t rise until after 9:00 AM one year when that era’s old fossils changed the rules. Those rules got changed BACK PDQ.

2 Responses to “honda honda go faster faster”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    I can’t find an answer to why the US Senate won’t bring up for discussion or send to a committee the several bills introduced by Senators to end DST (or make it year round–whichever is it–I can’t remember and refuse to learn at this age). Lobbying groups are no doubt the cause of this impasse, but I don’t know who they are. The Chamber of Commerce is one possibility: they usually want more daylight in the evening to get customers out and spending. You know that it’s someone with deep pockets who wants to fill up those pockets.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Yes, let’s pick ONE time and standard time is better. I say that even as a Northerner. P.S. It started getting dark at 4 frigging 30 yesterday. But I think Standard time is much more feasible and might work whereas DST didn’t the time(s) we tried it. I love my Subie although the clock doesn’t change automatically. The first couple times I had to change it were extremely frustrating (I cried!) but now that I remember how to do it, it takes 10 seconds, if that.