Looking for I-dunno-what, I found this

Hey, it’s the Indefatigable. A basic Jeep Wrangler we bought new in 1992 and sold in 2009. Yes, that’s 17 years. Basic means it was just a drive train (as the GG used to like to say). Four on the floor, no A/C or other amenities. It did have a radio. And make no mistake, I LOVED driving it. I love the vee-hickles we have now but I miss a stick shift.

Here is The Indefatigable all decked out for a snowy Halloween. Wonder how many trick-or-treaters we got that night.


Various skeletal parts were hung everywhere inside The Indefatigable. I remember a beach urchin’s Planet Ann Arbor friends warning a college friend of theirs about the artifacts hanging around in The Indefatigable. If you ride with Liz, you ride with bones. Readers, don’t clutch yer pearls. It was all aminal bones he found out in the woods.

I CANNOT STAND random plastic bottles rolling around in any vee-hickle I am driving. These were in the Indefatigable but all these years later, I still find them in Cygnus X-1. But usually not in the back seat.

The Indefatigable did have air-conditioning. After a fashion. There were holes in the floor too… … …

When we bought this vee-hickle, one of our children was still in nursery school. The first time I dropped that kid at nursery school in it, the teacher (who was on duty to usher children out of their parents’ cars and into the school) asked if it was a new car. I replied that it was not a car, it was a mid-life crisis!

That mid-life crisis taught uncountable under-age children to drive on the back roads of the yooperland. Including the weekend’s Big Fat Greek Wedding’s bride. It got both of our beach urchins their driver’s licenses. It drove Yaggies (AA Younger Actors Guild friends) all over town. It served as the younger beach urchin’s vee-hickle her last couple years of college. It was after she graduated college that we faced the music and sold it.

In the end it had to be hauled away on a fancy tow truck. The buyers were work friends of the GG so we sold it pretty dern cheap.

One Response to “Looking for I-dunno-what, I found this”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My late husband owned several Jeeps and actually took them off road–with me, reluctantly. He said they were very basic and easy to work on. Luckily, since they usually broke down in the woods somewhere.