Don’t scroll very far down if you hate the sight of blood

Oh man. 12 years ago. Could it really be that long ago? Of course not but yet it is. Then again, Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!

Freighter View had notified me that The Commander had fallen and was taken (under great protest) to the hoosegow. On the bus aka ambulance. She didn’t just tip over or faint or whatever. She had been actively engaged in doing something with her computer and in bending over to adjust a cable or whatever, she somehow got tangled up and tripped over her walker and knocked her head into the back of I forget what. Maybe her walker.

It was a surface wound but there was a lot of blood because that’s what head wounds do. Freighter View is experienced with those kinds of wounds and had a Red Jacket at the ready so as to hide any blood from whatever temporary bandaging they were able to apply before the “bus” (to the hoosegow) came. The Comm liked to wear red so when she sent me the pics, at first I thought maybe it was *her* jacket. Not.

It turned out she did require a few stitches or maybe it was a staple or two, I can’t really remember. The good news was she didn’t have to be *admitted* to the hoosegow. She was sent “home” to Freighter View although home was really at the Dillon House, a half mile up the escarpment, and she never really got used to her reduced circumstances.

The Comm had an iPhone and she sent me the two pics in this post. She asked (demanded?) nurse Abby to take the pics and text them to me. The Comm was 90. I’m pretty sure I have never posted these on my blahg before.

One Response to “Don’t scroll very far down if you hate the sight of blood”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Heads do bleed a LOT. It’s scary!