The xmas scurry begins

Around Turkey Day, the GG always sends out a note to us (me and the beach urchins) to send him our xmas gift lists. The beach urchins are better at responding than yer fav-o-rite blahgger is (more later).

So he was jumping around fulfilling their wishlists this morning, not without some confusional stuff, which yer fav-o-rite blahgger managed to mitigate (she hopes). This is a fluid situation and more list items flowed in after he was done.

Although one beach urchin prefaces her list with the word “greedy”, the beach urchins are *anything* but greedy. They don’t ask their parents for ANYTHING but they know that the GG likes to have packages under the xmas tree for people to open. He delights in obliging their requests and they rise to the occasion even though none of us really need anything.

Meeeee? I have asked for TWO things so far… Or maybe three. One? Of all things a NEW mailbox. The mailbox we have now is likely 64 years old. There’s nothing wrong with it exactly, just old and rusty and creaky and ugly. Did I mention UGLY? While looking for mailboxes, I found a porch light that I liked. Can I just say our porch light is as old as our mailbox? The one I found has LED lights.

The third thing on my list is a can opener. Yes really. A manual can opener, not an electric one. I don’t need ANY more countertop appliances!!!!! Actually I ordered a new can opener today and it’ll arrive tomorrow. My current can opener is suddenly incapable of easily opening cans. It’s time. But I *also* want one that will pull the tops off cans with those DANGEROUS pull tabs. I sliced a finger open dealing with one of those cans as a teenager. It was bloody but manageable with bandaids, etc., and I played my flute in a high school band concert with aplomb and a bandage.

Still I have never forgotten that incident and have hated pull tab cans ever since. So I have googled and found a can opener that can deal with those kinds of cans.

What else do I want for xmas? I doooo not know. Because I don’t need *anything*… … …

2 Responses to “The xmas scurry begins”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like giving or receiving gifts–probably because I’m not a creative giver and never know what others want; if I get a list, it feels boring and not much (if any surprise) Like you I don’t need anything so getting presents can be stressful when I’m trying to get rid of things. I usually give edible gifts or money, lip balm and other silly stuff. The grandkids will get actual gifts though.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    I’ve never owned an electric can opener and always use a manual one. In my 20s a friend’s house burned down because of an electric can opener. Leaving one plugged in is a risk. But I’m really old fashioned about a lot of devices. I still insist on driving a manual transmission (as I think you do too?). Leaf blowers? Ban ’em. Terrible for health and environment.