Beer bandit (not)

First of all, photo credit to Mouse.

I am hoping that this morning’s grock run is my last until, oh about Friday, which is (ugh) Black Friday. The main purchase today was a turkey but there were a few other things (utility beer for one) and I agreed to accept the discount I can access to defray the cost. I appreciate the discount but I NEVER ask for it. We are not Warren Buffet but I always wish there was some way I could pay a bit forward to folks who need it more than I do. As a systems analyst in the financial industry, I can’t think of a reasonable way for the store to do that so it is what it is.

Once a few years ago, the young man ahead of me could not pay for his grocks (out-of-state “food” card not accepted). He didn’t have a lot of items so I whipped around and swiped my debit card before anyone had a chance to protest. “Mom” is here to save the day. Hopefully he will pay that forward someday but I gifted it to him in good faith without strings. I’m not crowing about this but although I do my best to use whatever food I buy, so much food is wasted and so many people are hungry.

Of all things, I almost walked out of the store today without paying for the utility beer, which was on the bottom of my cart and I was *talking* so I forgot to scan it. That would’ve been embarrassing, given that one of the people I was talking to was the store manager 🤣🤣🤣

Years and years ago, I walked out of Meijer without paying for a big package of toilet paper that was on the bottom of my cart. No one caught me. I ALSO did not manage to put it into my vee-hickle to schlep it home. Was I in the right or wrong? Or just totally spaced out? If I HAD noticed it, I’d’ve definitely gone back inside to pay for it *and* put it my car and take it home.

Today I caught my error, scanned the beer, and took it home.

We won’t talk about my drive home. I did not hit the car that was hanging out in the left turn lane with its butt sticking out. I didn’t have to slam my brakes on but I had to stop pretty fast. I honked! The utility beer 12-pack fell on the grocery bag with the eggs in it but fortunately it didn’t fall on the eggs. People, learn to drive, fer kee-reist!

2 Responses to “Beer bandit (not)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Utility beer? Not sure what that is and feel like I should, being a beer drinker. 😉 The more I drive, the less I want to be out on the road with the crazies!

  2. l4827 Says:

    We picked up our Tommy Turkey yesterday also, and received the (ahhum ) discount, for being wiser…