Cooking day

It was mid-afternoon when the GG finally noticed that I, uh, was not working. I mean “working outside the home” even though I don’t work “outside the home” any more, whether I am coding/writing user ex stuff on my laptop or pre-cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I had been kinda hoping the GG would go find something to do somewhere so I could be Moom Alone but it was not to be.

I enjoyed my day anyway. Cooking slowly and cleaning up after myself. I hate when I have a big pile of dishes in the sink. I mean there is a dishwasher but I don’t wash pots and pans in it and that’s most of what I used today. But, lemme see. Mashed potatoes are ready to heat, dressing is ready to assemble as a side dish, and cranberry sauce is made. Hollandaise, Canadian bacon, and hash browns are at the ready for breakfast. Others are bringing salad and veggies, a *light* dessert, and apps. The GG is responsible for grilling the turkey. I do best with brute-forcing the main dishes but peter out on dessert and apps.

Things were apparently a lot more exciting at the Plum where a couple store employees confronted a thief trying to leave without paying for a bunch of liquor and were pepper sprayed for their efforts. They were not injured and the thief was eventually rounded up and lodged in jail.

I wasn’t really thinking about JFK’s assassination until I read RegenAxe but it is the anniversary of JFK’s death. My teacher Mrs. Scott had left the classroom for a few minutes and when she returned her voice shook as she announced, “The president has been shot.” Of *course* Patty tipped her chair over. That’s the kind of thing Patty did. I was a bit nonplussed. My family AT THAT TIME voted for Republicans and were NOT Kennedy fans (oh, not that they were happy he was dead of course). Anybody with a half brain knows that today’s Republicans bear no resemblance to my parents’ Republicans but we won’t go any further into that territory today.

But my main problem wasn’t people tipping their chairs over or shock about the president’s demise. I had a HORRIBLE sore throat and probably a fever. Unfortunately I “couldn’t” go straight home after school because I had a play date. With a kid I wasn’t really all that crazy about. Feeling like total crap, I somehow endured the play date before finally making my way home through the twilight. Why didn’t I just tell my “friend” I didn’t feel good and couldn’t play that day? I do not know.

We got a couple days off school for Kennedy’s funeral, etc. and we got the FIRST SIGNIFICANT SNOW of the season. All the neighborhood kids were out sledding and playing in the snow while I was in bed sipping ginger ale and eating cottage cheese (or not, whole ‘nother story) in front of our crappy black-and-white TV that picked up two channels. I remember repeated clips of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald…

So a bit after the GG noticed that I was not “working”, he asked if there was anything he could do to help with the holiday. Well, not really much. But a little later I realized that it is a pain in the butt to get the turkey platter down from its home and also we’ll need a box of champagne flutes from a similar location. We’ll see if he reads my blahg closely enough to notice. Or reads it at all. He doesn’t always and that’s okay with me. I dunno how anyone can keep up with it. *I* can’t even keep up with it 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I was home sick from school when JFK was assassinated and I remember my mom crying. I was upset and didn’t understand. I picked up the pecan pies and that was my job. However, my day has been kind of boring which I don’t like.