Looking for not really anything, I found…

On Thanksgiving Day, something in the conversation reminded me of the “rice pots” I grew up with. That got me wondering where they were. I *know* they were in The Commander’s kitchen when we emptied it (over 10 years ago). A quick search of the Landfill Chitchen didn’t turn them up. I *knew* I didn’t get rid of them. Or? Could I *really* have donated those? Say it ain’t so.

I waited until the next day and looked around in the Landfill Dungeon. I found a whole lot of other stuff but I didn’t find the rice pots. Could they be at the moomincabin? I didn’t think so. I couldn’t think *where* they would be if they were up there. The garage maybe? If they *were* at the moomincabin, I wouldn’t be able to look for them until spring. I resigned myself to be patient throughout the winter until I could get back up there and look.

Although parts of the Landfill are in decent order these days, others are not and I am in a constant struggle to figure out what to pick away at flinging / organizing next. Not to mention battling stultifying procrastination. Today I looked at the shambling mound of skirts piled up on a basket “chest” in the bedroom and acted on a previous inspiration to order some *decent* skirt hangers like the ones I had as a kid and hang the pile in the “guest bedroom” (formerly a kid bedroom) closet. In order to do that, I needed to de-clutter the closet, which isn’t being used to store clothing these days.

I got a LOT of stuff out of the closet, some of it I had actually sorted out for donation a while back. As the closet interior became emptier, I noticed some smallish boxes at one end of it. I had no clue what was in those boxes. As I started removing them, the one at the bottom of the stack was labeled “‘rice pots’ & white cups”. Bingo? Yes, that was what was in it! There are six altogether.

So these aren’t really “rice pots”. They are just pottery pieces with tops. Did The Commander make them? It’s possible. They are quite amateurish and are not signed. But who knows. They were around my entire childhood but what I mainly remember her using them for was to make *me* Minute Rice for dinner. I was a pretty picky eater but one thing I would eat was rice. She would put Minute Rice in one of these, pour boiling water in and put the top on. Literally a minute later, it would be done and I would have at least something to eat.

Believe me, when I started babbling about “rice pots” the other day, people (the beach urchins) were looking at me like I was nuts! It’s excruciatingly hard to sort through stuff and decide what to get rid of. I will *not* be getting rid of these, rather I think I will make space for them in my own kitchen.

3 Responses to “Looking for not really anything, I found…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I too love rice, white rice with butter. Yummy. It’s amazing what we find when we dig in to the more cluttered areas of our homes.

  2. Jay Says:

    The colors are reminiscent of Woodland Workshop

  3. Pooh Says:

    The colors reminded me of the handleless teacups with pierced designs that Mom and Dad had. Have? I think they were Japanese. Maybe Roberta brought them back from her travels?