Same old same old

Even though I have long returned to in-person shopping, mostly for grocks but sometimes for other stuff, I am still ordering all kinds of crapola on line. Household cleaner stuff that isn’t reliably stocked by Fave Big Box Grock Store for example. I mean they always have plenty of cleaning stuff but it isn’t always the stuff that *I* want.

Anyway, between Formal Wedding and xmas, I have had so many packages arriving that I cannot keep track. So I will be working in teleCublandia and a delivery truck will stop in front of The Landfill and I will be wondering “What did I order?” Or I will receive a text from Fedex and wonder what is coming. I am signed up for Fedex notifications and I KNOW the REAL ones from the fake ones. Again, what did I order? Is this a scary thing? I mean the forgetfulness. I’m not sure I have decided that yet. Nah, I know it isn’t scary. I remember all kinds of things for all kinds of people all the time. Including work application functionality that we enhanced umpteen years ago. That’s what I get paid to do. COVID brain fog? I had COVID in 2022 (omicron, probably) and NEVER had brain fog. My symptoms were 1) mild cough and 2) EXTREME annoyance.

In the local (and now the national) news, a 12-year-old kid stole a vee-hickle with a forklift from a middle school construction site and drove it, well, 16 miles or so away. What I can’t figger is that he started from *my* kids’ middle school (Forsythe/MYA) and somehow went through the Georgetown neighborhood, which is I dunno how to ‘splain this but not really on his route. Because he ended up over on Gotfredson Road, way to the east of The Planet Ann Arbor. Somehow he traversed above or under a couple of freeways.

Some people (on next door neighbor) complained that the police didn’t stop him immediately. Others opined that they were being careful because he was a KID and one on the autism spectrum. And may have actually been terrified but who knows. I am personally glad they followed him carefully without getting violent. There are a bazillion videos out there but I’m not gonna link to one because most of them have ads or paywalls. But since this seems to be a national story now, maybe y’all have seen it.

And so it goes, as you can see by the pic. It’s November and this is late for our first significant (sorta) snow but here it is.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Pretty snow! I don’t want any but our mountains certainly need it. Clear and cold lately although there is precipitation in the forecast (lowland rain and mountain snow). I had not heard of that event and will have to look it up.