Swimmin’ pools, movie stars

Today is the anniversary of the GG’s triple swim in his own personal swimming hole. Somewhere in the yooperland. I fergit where.

That log is an actual “bridge” across a stream/river on the North Country Trail. He was hiking with our friend Joan. She made it across without difficulty. He fell OFF the log INTO the drink THREE TIMES!!!

When this happened he hightailed it for the trailhead. He was wet enough that he knew he would have to keep moving to stave off hypothermia. I fergit how many miles it was to the trailhead but not all that many, two or three maybe. When he got there he was met by a Trail Angel with a warm car and a dry jacket from a thrift shop. Hypothermia was averted. Joan had a signal (not always possible in the yooperland) and made some calls.

The GG texted us (me and his daughters) to let us know that he had fallen off a log bridge and was okay. Okay. Later on, our friend Joan posted an entry in her blog, My quality day. I hadn’t read her blog yet but the BEACH URCHINS had and that is where we figgered out that he had fallen off the log THREE times.

A day or so later, he texted a pic showing him wearing a bright blue jacket. The beach urchins and I noticed that right away because it is not a color he might choose. I might choose it but not the GG. It was the jacket the Trail Angel got for him at the thrift shop. Even though it isn’t his color, he still wears it and it is not on the list of things to fling.

He sent me this pic today and I think he wanted me to post about it so here it is.

One Response to “Swimmin’ pools, movie stars”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yikes, three times! He must have been terribly uncomfortable hiking out. Bright blue (royal?) is one of my favorite colors.