Wham spam thank you ma’am

Yesterday morning I read a blog entry about vacuum cleaners. A new Roomba and an existing Dyson to be specific. I love love love my Roomba and both my Dysons. My Dysons are identical, one for the Landfill, one for the moomin. Although we schlep the moomin vac home for the winter because the battery otherwise dies.

Wouldn’t you know, ALL DAY yesterday I was spammed by Dyson vacuum cleaner ads and it has continued on into today. I am laughing about this and not blaming the blahgger, who has no control over it.

The first time I noticed this kind of phenomena was a number of years ago when I used our shop vac to clean up after the xmas tree and totally hosed the filter. This was waaaay before covid but I didn’t feel like spending my Saturday hunting around hardware stores for shop vac filters so I ordered one from Amazon or wherever. Clickity clickity done. Roight? Not. I was spammed for weeks with shop vac filters. I can’t remember what year that was (but pre-covid, right?) but I have yet to need another shop vac filter.

Then there is Xifkat (X formerly known as Twitter). I dunno why I can’t look away but there are still a few people I actually care about following. Either because they write *intelligently* about politics or whatever, or because they write *idiotically* about politics (think @mtgreenee for example), or just because they are at least somewhat humorous (gators daily, for example). Flat F*ck Friday anyone?

But since Mr. Melon took over (I think that’s when I first noticed this), there have been all of these made-up sounding handles. @modalace, @modawoman, @bohomen are what are showing up at the moment. They are undoubtedly selling junk merchandise and I got fed up and blocked a bunch of them today, which is really just an exercise in whack-a-mole. I know that but I still vacillate wildly from blocking them to ignoring them.

I had to laugh though. Earlier this week, the GG called me into his lair to evaluate a come-on from some bogus company. I don’t think it was via Xifkat but it was the same kind of stuff. I told him my opinion was that it was the spammiest of spam and to STAY AWAY!

I have to say I felt almost HONORED to be asked for an opinion on that topic. Today, he wanted to use my super-nose (I mean my actual nose) to determine if a couple of shirts needed to be laundered. TMI? 🐽🐽🐽🤣

2 Responses to “Wham spam thank you ma’am”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    I quit Twitter a year ago, actually deleted my account. The final straw for me was Musk saying Tony Fauci should be prosecuted for killing Americans. I didn’t want him benefiting from me even by claiming me as a nonparticipating subscriber. And now that his antisemitism has risen to the surface I’m really glad I did. But I loved Twitter and followed it compulsively. Like you I followed people I agree with and a lot I don’t, b/c I like to get both sides of issues (that’s why I would LOVE to chat with your husband about politics — he doesn’t seem crazy so maybe I could actually learn something). So now I’m on Threads, the rising Twitter competition. It’s just as good for following news, etc.
    I discovered years ago that just talking about something around a computer, like a new vacuum cleaner, can generate unwanted ads. At first I thought I was being paranoid, but I’ve since learned that any computer with a microphone can pick up what we’re saying and AI does its thing — promotes to us what we are interested in. Big Brother is here and healthy!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I dread searching for info about products on the internet because I know exactly what will happen. And quickly! I do little with Twitter and not much with Threads.